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Combo of Baby care

Combo of Baby care

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Our 100% Natural handmade organic baby care products are just a wholesome nutrition packed in bottles & jars for desired use. A baby’s soft, thin and delicate skin needs special care and hence there is no place for chemicals in their products. 

 These 100% chemical-free skin care regimes will keep you relaxed about your child’s healthy growth.


International Organic certified

Our products are COSMOS certified, UK cert certified, USOCA Organic Certified.

Quality guaranteed product

We are proud of what we make because we make everything with pure ingredients minimally processed through our traditional technique to retain nutrients, aroma & wholesome goodness. So we believe that once you try you will feel the difference and fall in love with purity. However we understand that every product does not work for every body hence we have made it easy for you to try our products without any risk.

We offer a full product satisfaction guarantee. If it turns out that a product isn't for you we will happily exchange the product Once for you, costing you only the to & fro shipping to try a different product. Just make sure to get back to us within 2 weeks of its delivery.
All that we want from you is just the feedback as this helps us understand and continue to create natural daily use products so please stay true to us to help us serve you the best.

GMO Free

The ingredients used in the product are free from GMO’s

Tested on Humans

All our products are tested on humans. Be it ready to use products or ingredients of the products, all testing is performed on humans. All products are made using time -tested & edible ingredients and no chemicals.

CO2 Neutral certified

We make use of manpower for making our raw material & final product with minimal processing using traditional techniques. Our reliance on electricity or machinery is negligible as we can produce SNAANA products on a day with no electricity. To neutralize logistics etc. related emission, we have developed our own fully sustainable fruit orchard with more than 1700 trees.

100% chemical free

We make no use of chemicals/synthetics at all. Hence the nutrition, texture, aroma, colour are all derived from the ingredients like cold pressed oils, essential oils, ark etc. 

100% preservative free

We bring authentic, age old formulations where modern day preservatives were just not known to humans. We do not alter the physical form of the ingredients and retain the nutrition in their original state with just hand processing similar to achar making. A jar of achaar lasts for years without preservative if made the traditional way.

Connect with Farmers

Since we work to bring unaltered goodness, pure blends, which is possible only through our connect with farmers that provide us with genuinely good quality raw material in the forms of nuts, seeds, roots, stems, petals, leaves, barks etc.

Dermatologically Tested

All our products are tested in the lab for various parameters like pH, heavy metals, microbial etc. and tested on humans by dermatologists.


We are the only brand who stay very much true to claims like NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE, ORGANIC etc. We bring videos to you to show all our working from farms to bottles and jars. We list all ingredients in common parlance to ensure our consumers understand easily what all is the part of the product they are likely to use. 


Country of origin



Baby Cream U.S.P (PER GM) Rs. 16.03/-
Baby Soap U.S.P (PER GM) Rs. 5.88/-
Baby After Bath Oil U.S.P (PER ML) Rs. 6.13/-
Baby Body & Hair massage oil U.S.P (PER ML) Rs. 6.13/-

Manufacturer Details

Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals

Khasra No.-79, Gali No.1, Titan Road,

Mohabewala, Industrial Aria, Dehradun

248001 Uttarakhand

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Purest Baby Skin Care combo

SNAANA brings to you the best skin strengthening, cleansing and moisturizing products combo.

100% natural - contain no synthetic or preservative at all
Made with safe and edible - time-tested ingredients
Least processed - prepared using traditional organic methods only.

No fragrance and no petroleum ingredients at all.
Absolutely Gentle and healthy regular skin & hair care products

SNAANA baby products are a choice of every aware mother who can’t compromise with the product she uses on the child.

And therefore every SNAANA baby product is a not only good for regular use on infants & kids with normal to dry & sensitive skin but works good on infant skin prone to eczema/intense dryness or rash etc.

World’s best 100% Natural Skin care & Hair care products for Babies.

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How to use

The baby skin care combo contains 4 products-
Baby hair & body massage oil - Use it like a regular massage oil.
Baby Goat Milk Soap - Use it as a body and hair cleanser in place of body wash & shampoo.
Baby After bath oil - Apply on baby’s skin after bath in place of lotion.
Baby Cream - Use it on chapped lips, cheeks or areas prone to excessive dryness like knees, elbows etc.
For more detailed information on each product please refer to the respective product page.


Please read the label to avoid known allergies, if any. We provide complete ingredients disclosure on the product in common parlance for easy understanding of our customers. We recommend a patch test when using the product for the first time for any unknown allergies.

Care for the product

Always hold the bottle/jar carefully as it is made up of glass. Though plastic is convenient to hold, use and keep but comes with its side effects.