Here’s how SNAANA's Natural products are different from others

From the word go, SNAANA has differentiated itself by offering natural products with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. Using only the purest of ingredients, it also ensures minimal loss of nutrients in processing. And it categorizes its products by age group, based on the belief that, just like the nutrient needs of our bodies change with age, so do the needs of our skin.

Here's How

  • Location Matters
  • Vision Matters
  • Ingredient Matters
  • Skin needs change as we age similar to our body nutritional needs.


Going Truly Natural is not a cakewalk. It needs Understanding & Commitment

Going natural in today’s world isn’t really easy as we have to sacrifice certain comforts of life. These comforts or convenience in life have got into our blood so much that we have stopped thinking on the composition of a product so-called "Natural" Natural product, be it skin or food may not be really "Natural". This is simply because the laws have not been amended at the pace chemicals/synthetics/preservatives/natural derivatives etc. have made their way to these products.

 Here at SNAANA we suggest a layman- consumer to do a quick 5 step basic check before choosing a Natural product.

1. Read Ingredients

Buy the product that has all the ingredients listed in simple manner of speaking for a better understanding. Avoid brands who list “key ingredient” only. This means there is something more which brand hides to give the consumer a feel of natural.

2. Check Texture and Consistency

Can the natural ingredients listed on the product when blended produce the texture as is filled in a bottle or jar. For example when you buy a product cream or lotion – Water/aqua and oils/butters are the basic ingredients to it. But THINK, can water & oil ever mix/blend together without the addition of emulsifiers. Emulsifiers can never be natural. So how is the cream or lotion natural/organic?

3. Colour

Naturally derived colours from herbs and oils are not as bright as we often find in the market. Colours be it food or skincare are synthetically made or processed to get the bright hues. And why do we need an added chemical in the form of colour to our skincare product cleansers, toners, creams/lotions etc.

4. Fragrance

Buy a product that cares for your skin, not for the fragrance. If you want fragrance – apply perfume/fragrance. Healthy – truly pure products even if they contain lavender will not smell as we expect them to be.

5. Beware of misleading words

Words like natural, organic, homemade, handmade often mislead the consumer.

Homemade – The word homemade/ handmade need not necessarily mean that the product is purely natural. Chemicals & Preservatives are big time used by people running their business from homes.

Natural & Organic – The words Natural, Organic do not mean that the product is 100% as claimed. There are more than 20 synthetic pesticides permitted to use in Organic cultivation world over.

Think, a brand claims to be pure – natural- green- organic & sells in a plastic jar/bottle.
It’s the manufacturer & seller’s VISION that makes all the difference. An inclusive approach to purity is the real need of the time.

With different brands, multiple products and tall claims, it becomes difficult for a layman to find a truly healthy and effective product. 

So these points can be helpful to the consumer to do a quick basic check on the product before making a purchase.

  1.  Made with edible ingredients
  2. Contain no fragrance/perfume
  3. Contain no petroleum or any other
  4. synthetic/Chemical
  5. Contain even no preservative not even
  6. food preservatives
  7. Purely a traditional composition only
  8. Product that benefits you and not
  9. appeals you with its fragrance or colour or design & packaging
  10. Product that list ingredients in common
  11. language to facilitate easy understanding by you
  12. Certified Organic & Certified Chemical & Preservative free


SNAANA Creams are a thick concentrate mix of oils and butters. They do not contain water, so no anti-microbial agent is required to prevent bacterial growth. Nor do they contain any stabilizing agent. Interestingly, during warm weathers, these creams may melt but the quality remains intact.

No Water so No emulsifiers to mix oil and water hence No chemical & Preservative to give it a shelf life. No colour No Fragrance.

SNAANA Mist/Toner

SNAANA Mist/Toner is a nutrient rich water of a leaf, flower or root produced through steam distillation method just like earth’s natural rain process. Distillation removes the impurities, bacteria and other contaminants, so no preservative is required.

NO Alcohol, No Chemicals No Preservatives

SNAANA Staple Bath

SNAANA Staple Bath are made from finely coarse nuts, seeds and herbs. The dry powder scrubs and polishes the body removing dead cells, oil and dirt. It promotes blood circulation and helps in the formation of new cells. And since the product is in powdered form, it does not need chemical preservatives.

SNAANA Goat Milk Soap bars

SNAANA Goat Milk Soap bars contain carefully selected compositions of plant-derived oils, butter and essential oils. They are made from raw oils at room temperature to retain the nutrients of natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial colour or fragrance.

SNAANA After Shower Oils

SNAANA After Shower Oils are light, non-greasy and easy to absorb oil like a lotion, but without the water and preservatives found in lotions.

SNAANA Cold-Pressed Oils

SNAANA Cold-pressed oil is made by pressing the oilseed between two heavy metal/wooden blocks to expel the oil. The technique does not require any additional heat hence it is a flavor & nutrient-rich oil healthy for human consumption & application. The market is flourished by different grade products to suit different needs but we believe we should always use best quality cold pressed oil even when it comes to its use on skin.

SNAANA Essential oil

SNAANA essential oils are highly therapeutic and edible produced through the best traditional technique of distillation. Often the essential oils sold in the market are cosmetic grade prepared synthetically and are meant for external use only.

SNAANA Healing balms

Petroleum/mineral oil based products merely create an additional layer on the skin and prevent the escape of moisture. Hence balms made with natural occurring ingredients used traditionally are making a strong come back like lip care, Anti- Allergy balms, Breathe easy balms during cold, flu, sleep aid balm etc. to name a few.

SNAANA Massage Oils

SNAANA Massage Oils are the thick concentration of oils that glide smoothly for easy massage. They not only nourish the skin but also ease body stiffness, relax muscles, and their aroma soothes the mind.

Location Matters


Location, where we produce the products makes a lot of difference to the product hence it speaks of the intention of the founders, their vision

 An apt location is the one that

1. Is close to farms of fresh herbs, nuts & seeds
2. has clean air & water
3. helps us keep close association with Himalayan farmers throughout cultivation phase

 Hence, instead of choosing a unit set up location in the interiors, we had to opt for Dehradun, the capital city of Uttrakhand in the Himalayan foothills.

However there is a set of mandatory requirements from Government departments to fulfil to legally produce raw material and multiple blend products.

A location that Reachable in 2-3 hours from fresh farms of herbs like – Rose, lemongrass, rosemary, sage, calendula, parsley, chamomile, camphor, hibiscus, curry leaf, nettle grapefruit, mandarins, apricots, hemp seeds etc. And of course, fulfills the requirement of various government departments.

Setting up and running units in areas other than metros comes up with multiple day to day challenges like

  • Lack of experienced – skilled workforce
  • Lack of quality packaging material manufactures
  • Concerns with transportation & limited connectivity

But then, to make a conscious quality produce – location Matters Restore the true you in all your harmonious, natural state with SNAANA

 Vision Matters


A clear vision with non-negotiable values make SNAANA a game changer.It certainly would have been easy to join the crowd but the vision to serve the consumer true to words like Natural, Organic, and Pure has been a difficult journey but the belief, courage and hard work never deviated us from the chosen path.

To fulfill the vision –

  • The brand has set up its own handmade manufacturing unit that runs solely on the techniques given to us by our ancestors like cold pressing, steam distillation etc.
  • The product formulations are authentic ancient ingredients blend only with no usage of synthetics or preservatives.
  • A close connect with farmers – Luckily all the three founders come from three different states with each of them having a close bond with their ancestral home/village hence are well connected with farming community and understand the know-how of various agriculture produce like herb or nuts & seeds. This certainly gives us an upper mileage in the journey.

It’s the VISION that differentiates and stands SNAANA completely apart in the industry.

Ingredient Matters


Be it food or skin care – a pure wholesome ingredient is the need of a human body. All that goes into the making of the product makes a difference to the quality and efficacy of the product.but, Over the years with various industrial revolutions– the ingredients have undergone multiple stages of processing producing an ingredient with different quality grades like edible grade, cosmetic grade, industrial grade etc. And such processed ingredients were never the part of Ayurveda formulations. Or say terming these ingredients natural would be wrong.

How can an oil for example coconut or olive coming from the plant is suitable for application but not fit for consumption. Hence, Ingredients Matters.

Finding the right- pure -quality ingredient is a challenge in today’s world.

And therefore at SNAANA

We have made a strong effort to serve our customers with wholesome pure ingredients made products by setting up our own

  1.  Cold pressing unit to make cold pressed oils from nuts and seeds
  2. Steam distillation unit to make essential oils and mist/toners & arrks from herbs
  3. Hand milling to make fine powders of different herbs
  4. Close association with farmers in different regions in India.

Skin needs change as we age similar to our body nutritional needs.


Why does SNAANA emphasize using skin care product basis the age and skin type? The skin’s nature, behaviour and functioning is never the same all through our life. Skin is a vital organ of the human body which has its own cycle to keep it fresh, active and healthy all the time. A skin’s functioning is a process in which the new cells generated in the deepest epidermis make their way to the top of the skin and shed often known as dead skin. The entire cycle of generating and shedding changes rather slows down with age giving birth to many skin problems. Skin as an organ has a life cycle wherein it works super effective holistically to recuperate itself till about 25 years of age.

Skin is affected by different factors differently causing expected aging and different skin concerns. The factors include –

1- The mechanism of generating the new cells and shedding off the old ones. – As we age the mechanism of generating news cells and shedding the old ones’ slows down and therefore the ability of the skin to recuperate also slows down.

This is inevitable as not only the functional but structural ability reduces and hence post 25 we start experiencing the first signs of aging and different skin concerns. Hence the skin needs are different for different age groups.

2- Hormonal change in the body – Hormones impact different bodies differently making skin oily or dry or keeping it normal. Hormonal imbalance creates major disturbance in the skin beginning from the teenage.

3- And genetically derived skin condition, vitality & strength - These three factors impact the skin and thereby different skin concerns arise like dullness, blemishes, age/dark spots, pigmentation, freckles, oiliness, acne, dryness, skin thinning, sensitivity, itching, peeling, rashes etc.

Thus baby skin needs are different from that of a Young adult or say mom- dad. Likewise the intensity of dryness is different for a teenager with dry skin and that of a grand ma-pa. And therefore need different dryness catering formulation at the two different stages of life. Using the right skin care product formulated basis the age & akin type with the right skin care routine and making a shift to a healthier lifestyle certainly help skin stay healthy, flawless and vibrant.

SNAANA’ years of research led to formulation of product basis the different age functional & structural need of the skin which proves that using the skin care product made for your age group and respective skin tone can automatically address many skin concerns that otherwise have occurred only due to wrong and improper usage of products. And this uniqueness of making products sets SNAANA very different – effective and hence successful in the market.