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Becoming Beautiful, Naturally

The story of a mother who joined forces with nature "Beauty isn’t skin deep."

Of course, you know that. But did you know that beauty care isn’t skin deep either! As much as 70 per cent of the beauty care product you apply on your skin is actually absorbed by your body.

Now, let’s think about what that product might be. When you carefully apply that cream on your face at night, you could be actually rubbing chemicals into your skin. Even if it is labelled “natural.” If you were given a bottle of Disodium EDTA, Imidazolidinyl urea, Phenoxyethanol, would you rub it into your skin? Definitely not! Yet, garbed as face cream or wash, you unwittingly do that – perhaps everyday. And a significant amount of this is absorbed by your body to potentially cause dangerous allergies and diseases.

For years now, our beauty care regime has been throttled by chemicals. In fact, many skin care products comprise synthetic chemicals that are skin irritants, skin penetrators, endocrine disrupters and even carcinogenic.

Grappling with a harsh truth!

Alkaa Punia, founder of SNAANA, discovered this truth the hard way. As a young mother, she felt vulnerable as she watched her 3-year-old daughter Maaira suffer from dermatitis. She went from pillar to post to find a treatment, consulting numerous dermatologists, trying a variety of medicated soaps, lotions and creams– but all in vain. Her daughter’s rashes showed no signs of abatement. Frustrated with the lack of progress, Alkaa decided to try natural Ayurvedic treatment. Yet, once again to no avail. Maaira’s skin was clearly reacting to something.

Determined to find the allergen, she began to scrutinise the labels of all the soaps and lotions she was using. That is when she came to realize that the so called “natural” products she’d been using included a variety of additional chemicals.

Worried about the impact these chemicals could be having on her child’s development, she began to make the soap at home, using just natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil and caustic soda. “It looked like halwaa,” she recalls. But she persisted, using only home-made products. And within weeks, the rashes began to fade away.

Encouraged with the results, Alkaa researched further into the subject to see what other natural products she could make. She also discovered that the lax legal framework around natural products left the field open for malpractice. “Do you know that a product can be labelled natural even if there is just one per cent natural product in it?” she points out incredulously. The more she learnt, the more determined she became to drive change.

The birth of a game changer

Word spread quickly about the miraculous recovery this young mother had pulled off for her daughter and she began to get requests for her remedies from others in her community.

Before she knew it, SNAANA was born, offering 100 per cent natural products. She even converted a part of their office into a lab to test raw materials. Her husband Hemant lent further strength by building the necessary infrastructure around her effort.

The SNAANA Promise

From the word go, SNAANA has differentiated itself by offering natural products with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. Using only the purest of ingredients, it also ensures minimal loss of nutrients in processing. And it categorizes its products by age group, based on the belief that, just like the nutrient needs of our bodies change with age, so do the needs of our skin. SNAANA Creams are a thick concentrate mix of oils and butters.

They do not contain water, so no anti-microbial agent is required to prevent bacterial growth. Nor do they contain any stabilizing agent. Interestingly, during warm weathers, these creams may melt but the quality remains intact. SNAANA Mist/Toner is a nutrient rich water of a leaf, flower or root produced through steam distillation method just like earth’s natural rain process.

Distillation removes the impurities, bacteria and other contaminants, so no preservative is required. SNAANA Staple Bath are made from finely coarse nuts, seeds and herbs. The dry powder scrubs and polishes the body removing dead cells, oil and dirt. It promotes blood circulation and helps in the formation of new cells. And since the product is in powdered form, it does not need chemical preservatives. SNAANA Goat Milk Soap bars contain carefully selected compositions of plant-derived oils, butters and essential oils.

They are made from raw oils at room temperature to retain the nutrients of natural ingredients, and do not contain any artificial colour or fragrance. SNAANA After Shower Oils are light, non-greasy and easy to absorb oil like a lotion, but without the water and preservatives found in lotions. SNAANA Massage Oils are thick concentration of oils that glide smoothly for easy massage. They not only nourish the skin but also ease body stiffness, relax muscles, and their aroma soothes the mind.

At SNAANA, we believe..

  • In eliminating all chemicals and preservatives from our products
  • In the fact thatthe needs of our skin vary with age
  • In customising our products for differing skin tones
  • In listing all product ingredients in common parlance
  • In avoiding multiple stages of processing
  • In the pure unadulterated goodness of nature
  • In the harmony of nature and beauty
  • In restoring our connection with Ayurvedic principles
  • In protecting our environment by using glass packaging instead of plastic
  • In an ethical way of doing business


Alkaa is determined to restore the value of Ayurveda’s ancient time-tested wisdom. An influential voice today, she is lobbying for stronger regulation, standardization, quality control, consumer awareness and safety in natural beauty products.

She believes that consumers deserve full disclosure on product labels to make an informed choice and buy only the purest products. And through SNAANA, she is ensuring that she walks the talk. A mother joining forces with nature to maximize our benefit!

Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals owns the retail brand Name SNAANA. And sells products under the brand name SNAANA.

Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals  was established in July/2017 at Dehradun (Uttarakhand). Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals was formed by Hemant Bhardwaj, And he has been actively engaged in the same field since 2017. We are the leading retailers / wholesaler/ manufacturer for skin Health & Wellness consumer Products since the 2017.

At present, we have services across India & Abroad. We focus to help our customers by saving time and money as we offer proper quality certified organic Product / Service descriptions and extremely competitive & unmatchable prices.

When you are buying from Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals, you can be rest assured that you are buying from a Trusted Name.


Trade Name: SNAANA