Lotions Are Not Natural At All, Rather They Can Be Dangerous

Lotions Are Not Natural At All, Rather They Can Be Dangerous

Dryness is inevitable in winters and if not taken care of the right way with the right products – the discomfort can take a toll on the quality of life.

Dryness in the skin is often weather-based – reduced moisture in the air but many of our habits can cause intense dryness making the skin worse. So it’s important that we care for the skin the right way, helping our skin stay normal and healthy through the winters.

  • Lotions do not work as effectively as cold-pressed oils do. In case you do not like the aroma of cold-pressed oils – you can add essential oils like lavender, rosemary, fennel, cinnamon etc to the oil. The lotion is just a fad, plant oils are forever.
  • Do not use chemical-based products on the skin as harsh products strip the oil from skin pores resulting in intense dryness.
  • Always wear soft cotton clothing beneath the woolen wear.
  • Avoid hot air blowers as they not only create dryness in the skin but affect the overall health leading to dryness-related respiratory concerns.

Do you know lotions despite containing majorly the water, emulsifiers, stabilizers, fragrance & color are marketed in the name of natural goodness like almond oil, shea butter because the plant derived ingredients are natural & time-tested for the skin health. Therefore why not pay & use the real goodness directly on skin.

“Lotion is just a fad in skincare”. Plant oils are forever.

Dry skin is a concern and when not addressed timely can lower the quality of life and give birth to different skin diseases. Hence it is important to care for the skin the right way to keep it normal and healthy completely free from itch and other concerns.

Dry skin and its related conditions are not new to mankind. The usage of different plant oils as a topical therapy to keep the skin nourished has been in place through different ages – different cultures. 

Something we all have witnessed in our homes is that as soon as winter approaches, a bottle of oil for everyone’s use is right in the bathroom to use immediately after the bath on the body as a skin moisturizer. This bottle of oil is usually a cold pressed oil from the kitchen like olive oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil, etc.

But over the decades, we Indians too abandoned the best healthy way to keep the dry skin nourished during winters and moved on with well-marketed – highly promising body lotions, face creams/moisturizers etc. never paying attention to ingredients.

Hence we apply a number of chemicals and preservatives on our skin each time we apply body lotion.

These body and face lotion composition calls for the addition of chemicals and preservatives making them certainly not a healthy & natural choice to nourish the skin.

Here, how

Lotion = Water + Oil

 Water/aqua is often listed as the first ingredient in the lotion.

Now Since water and oil do not mix on its own,

So we need an emulsifier to blend the two with each other to form a homogenous mixture.

Lotion = Water + Oil + Emulsifier

Emulsifiers cannot be 100% natural. It can be derived from the plant produce but the multiple stages of processing to derive the emulsifier do not let the produce be natural, rather it is processed and often prepared by adding various solvents etc.

Now that water is added, a stabilizer is needed to improve the shelf life of the product/ prevent it from going bad.

Lotion = Water + Oil + Emulsifier + Stabiliser

Now, fragrance and colour is needed to make the product attractive in terms of aroma and color.

Lotion = Water + Oil + Emulsifier + Stabiliser + Fragrance + Colour

So here oil & water is the need of the skin to keep it healthy – normal free from dryness and other concerns

Rest all ingredients are out of the need of the composition and to draw consumer attention (market) making them smell similar to perfume and look colourful.

The lotion is a cost-effective product benefitting the manufacturers as it contains majorly water which is free-flowing. Hence it’s important that consumers be made aware and the unhealthy fad does not continue for long.

Eat healthy and apply healthy too.

Healthy Alternative to Lotions

So often the consumer finds difficulty in finding the natural and healthy alternative to lotions. As soon as they hear the word oil, they become skeptical and never give it a chance simply because they carry the mindset that oils are greasy and do not provide the effective moisturization as lotions do.

But, please think, a bottle of lotion often lures consumers with the highlighted names of plant derived oils and butters like almond oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil etc. to name a few. Are these oils not greasy? They are but when used with water they quickly absorb in the skin and do not feel greasy at all.

So the best traditionally time tested way to make use of after bath oils is using immediately after the shower on wet/moist skin or use them with water. This way a few drops of oil can moisturize the whole body as water/moistness on the surface of the skin helps oil spread easily and penetrate into the skin pores. And making use of water and oil immediately one after the other does not call for application of chemicals and preservatives on the skin while delivering the far better long last moisturization effect than lotions while using no nasties.
There are multiple cold pressed oils with different properties helpful for different skin types.

At SNAANA we blend different in house cold pressed oils with in-house steam distilled edible essential oils to make ready to use aromatic & therapeutic after bath oils for different skin types.

As the winter approaches, we start looking for dryness catering products. Why?

If you are using a truly – 100% chemical and preservative-free product line in your daily routine – you really don’t have to change your skin care products similar to your wardrobe with change in season. Yes, when you use SNAANA products you will experience what we say because your basic skin nature remains the same all through the year. It's just the change in the behavior of the skin because of changing weather hence the right application of the product can cater to the need and help balance the skin making it normal all through the year.

For example, hot weather helps the skin produce more sebum than cold weather reducing the need for a moisturizer.

An oily skin individual will not find dry skin catering formulation helpful in winter as it may lead to clogged pores and related follow-up symptoms.

Hence be it summer or winter, it’s important to use the product basis the skin type. SNAANA Skin Care products based on your skin type helps you customize your skincare routine to target the specific skin care concern that arises around the year with changes in weather. Keeping skin healthy with the changes in the seasons from summers to Monsoon to autumn to winter is simple, healthy, and economical with SNAANA.

Here is how you can make a simple transition in using the same product all through the year.

Summer – Rising temperature leads to increased oil production & shine on skin- sweat. To overcome this, increase the quantity of toner (Herb water) application and reduce the quantity of oil ( a drop of oil covering the face, mixed with toner would suffice.) Exfoliation twice a week on the face & body is really crucial to help shed off the dead skin and oil from pores clearing the skin pores to breathe easily followed by light oil on the body & face after shower. Cleansing the face twice a day is important to remove oil, dirt and other pollutants from the skin.

Winters – With falling temperatures, the moisture levels dip giving us dryness, and a dull skin tone. The key to healthy skin in winters is -toner followed by a face oil but a drop may not be sufficient. Hence 2-3 drops of oil or as per the need of the face & body will keep the skin moisturised & itch free during winters.

Autumn/Spring – For the in between seasons, make a transitional adjustment helping skin stay normal & healthy.

Is too much lotion dangerous?

Yes, too much moisturizing disturbs the skin surface pH leading to tiny zits, stickiness etc. In fact lotions contain chemicals hence its good to use natural, after bath oils as a healthy replacement to body lotions.

How can I moisturize my skin without lotion?

There are several ways to moisturize your skin without using lotion, including:

Using natural oils, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or hempseed oil as a moisturizer. These oils can be applied directly to the skin and are effective at moisturizing and hydrating without leaving a greasy residue.

    Making your own moisturizing oil using edible natural ingredients such as cold pressed oils and essential oils. These ingredients can be combined to create aromatic healthy after bath oil free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.

    Avoiding hot showers and baths, as well as harsh soaps and cleansers, which can strip the natural oils from your skin.

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