Inhale Beauty – Aromatherapy with skin care

Inhale Beauty – Aromatherapy with skin care

Inhale Beauty – Inner health is the way to healthy beautiful skin. The different concerns a skin shows up in various forms in different age groups are often a reflection of internal issues with the body. The skin is a live–functioning god-gifted shield to our body that prevents the body from various bacterial/viral attacks, provides the sense of feeling of pain, hot & cold, and regulates the body temperature to name a few basics.

Skin is the largest living organ of our body. Hence being in direct contact with the outside world, the skin is affected by both the external environment and internal functioning of the body.

In this fact-driven world, stress is one of the most invisible illnesses that affect different bodies differently. Prolonged /chronic stress can affect overall well-being and raise concerns like obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, weight loss, diabetes, and much varying from body to body.

Skin is a mirror to our internal body concerns, stress shows up on the skin too in different forms like acne – pimples, rashes, hormonal imbalance, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, dull & dehydrated, and much more. The concerns appearing on the skin further aggravate stress impacting/deteriorating the overall body.

Managing stress is very important to keep the skin healthy and flawless. Using different products to suppress or hide the skin condition is really not a long-term approach in the right direction. These products available in the market are time being fixed with many of them causing side effects.

Inhale Beauty and beat the stress

The very basic and known technique of managing stress is to Breathe deeply. It is ancient wisdom and very helpful if practiced with the right dedication. Breathe deep technique helps provide better oxygen to the blood, improves blood circulation, relaxes, and regulates the body's functioning. However in this fast-paced life, there needs to be a quick feel factor, a push or zeal to practice the technique every day for it to become a routine inculcating overall wellbeing. And nothing works better than using a natural essential oil. This is because essential oils are the pran (life force) of a plant in a bottle that helps you become accustomed to the routine more easily.

Essential oils are time-tested healthy & effective

Essential oil-based aromatherapies have long been used in different cultures in different civilizations to heal and relax the body & the mind.

Up until the early 19th century, essential oils were one of the strongest medicines available before the beginning of pharmacology/ allopathic medicine. Inhalation/deep breathing is one of the quick instant ways to bring in the change for the better transformation of thoughts & feelings. Inhalation of the right therapeutic essential oil deeply makes a positive change in mind and emotion helping overcome depression, anger, anxiety, loss of memory, and lack of creativity. The loss of connection with nature over the decades has increased the stress-related concerns majorly.

Essential oils, especially steam-distilled, are plant-derived and a drop act as power of nature on the fingertip. As per Ayurveda, the essential oils are pure prana of the plant, a gift to us to calm and support our body functioning. The essential oils are often used by yoga-practicing individuals to bring in a deep sense of calm & peace and establish an inner connection with the body, mind & soul.

The different essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, orange, sweet lime, peppermint, vetiver, basil, camphor, chamomile, etc can be used in different aromatherapy techniques to bring in a positive mindset as a healthy mind is vital for healthy skin. If the mind is not healthy- free from stress, no product in the world can work for the skin no matter how expensive it is.

Fact – Skin is a mirror to our internal health.

The essential oils can be used in diffusers, applied to the wrist/beneath the nose or on a fingertip, and inhaled. Apply on the pillowcase and find convenient ways that suit you to make use of it in day-to-day life to stay calm, free from stress, and beautiful. Return to the natural beautiful you by taking control of your mind, body & soul, overcoming lifestyle disorders, and experiencing the power of holistic- health – inner health = outer health.


Is Deep inhaling good for you?

Yes, deep and short breathing exercises regularly are helpful in overall balancing the body, mind, and soul. It thereby helps promote better sleep and healthy body functioning.

Does yoga tighten skin?

Yes, many yoga experts believe that practicing certain asanas like simhasana can help make skin more firm, healthy, and radiant. Asanas help in improved body functioning hence improved delivery of nutrients to different body organs and better detoxification.

Why is it important for skin to breathe?

Skin is the only organ other than the lungs that consumes oxygen in all layers of the epidermis and dermis. Since it provides cover to inside-placed organs from the outside world and interacts with the outside world, its important functioning like sweat/perspire/breathe etc play a vital role in the upkeep of its apt microbiome. Hence do not use products that come with claims like anti-perspire etc. as such products can be a hurdle in the apt functioning of the skin.

How many times should I steam my face?

Exposing your face to steam should not be a regular exercise at all. Rather we should do it once in a while only to get rid of rigid dirt or black heads etc. Steam can be harmful for the skin when used frequently.

Does acne need to breathe?

Acne is infact a clogged pore attracting dirt and thereby creating a conducive room for bacterial growth. A clean and clear easy breathed pore does not get acne in it.

Does skin absorb air?

Yes, skin consumes oxygen from the atmosphere.

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