Cooling Herb water for Summers

Cooling Herb water for Summers

Hydrosols, commonly referred to as herb water, have many advantages in the summer. A milder substitute for essential oils, herbal water is created during the steam distillation of plants and contains the water-soluble nutrients of the plant. The following are some advantages of using hydrosols in the summer:

    • Effect:- Hydrosols are great for giving the skin a cooling sensation and topical food. They can relieve skin irritations brought on by the summer heat, such as sunburn, heat rash, and others.
    • Hydration:- During the hot summer months, hydrosols are a great way to hydrate the skin. They can be applied as hydrating body sprays or facial mists to assist keep the skin's moisture levels optimal.
    • Aromatherapy:- During the summer, hydrosols can be utilised for aromatherapy. To encourage rest and rejuvenation, they can be diffused, used as a room spray, or added to bath water.
    • Insect Repellents-: Natural insect repellents can be used to repel mosquitoes and other insects with the help of some hydrosols, such as lemongrass or peppermint. To deter insects, they can be sprayed on the skin or into the air.
    • Cleaning-: During the summer, hydrosols can be used as a mild cleaner for the skin. The skin will feel clean and fresh after they assist in eliminating dirt and grime.

    Herb waters are just not meant for skin care use but make great health drinks to overcome certain body discomforts and add value to life. These are traditionally prepared drinks also known as ark. Know more about herb waters here.

    Difference between herb waters and preserved flavour drinks

    The manner of preparation and the materials used are the key distinctions between preserved flavoured drinks/beverages and herb waters.

    Herbs  are infused into water to create herbal waters, which have a naturally reviving flavour and taste without the use of sugar or artificial flavours. Herbs used in herb waters can also help with digestion, immunity, and boost antioxidants, among other extra health advantages.

    On the other hand, preserved flavoured drinks are created by adding artificial flavours, sweeteners, and preservatives such sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate to water. These beverages may be heavy in calories, sugar, and artificial additives, all of which can be harmful to one's health if consumed in regular.

    Additionally, while preserved flavoured drinks are normally ready to use sold in stores with a restricted flavour selection, herb waters are frequently concentrated nutrition and flavour solution of a particular herb which can be customised to individual taste preferences.

    In conclusion, the fundamental distinction between preserved flavoured beverages and herbal waters is that herbal waters are produced using natural components and provide health benefits, whereas preserved flavoured drinks frequently have a high concentration of artificial substances including sugar and can be harmful to one's health if drank in excess.

    Can we drink Herb water instead of Preserve Flavoured water?

    Yes, there are various advantages to drinking herb water over preserved flavored water for your health and wellbeing.

    • Staying Hydrated:- is easy with herbal water, especially on hot summer days when our bodies require extra fluids. Herb water is a natural and healthy alternative, as opposed to preserved flavoured water that usually are rich in sugar and artificial flavours. Since many herbs are cool in nature, hence the herb water prepared from them lends cooling therapy to the body. For example herbs like vetiver and rose are cool in nature and extensively used in summers to pacify the body heat. 
    • Better Digestion:- Many herbs, including mint and ginger, have built-in digestive aids that can help with digestion and lessen bloating. Herbal tea helps ease intestinal discomfort and promote better digestion.
    • Some herbs, like basil and Sweet lime, have antioxidant properties that can help shield the body from oxidative stress and free radical damage. Herb water can increase your intake of antioxidants and offer free natural defence against cell deterioration.
    • Weight Management:- Herb water is a no-calorie, sugar-free alternative that can help you quench your thirst and lessen cravings for sweet beverages. It can be a terrific tool for weight management. 
    • Immune System Booster:- Herbs like ginger, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemongrass and basil are well known for their ability to strengthen the immune system. Herbal tea can strengthen your immune system and advance general health and wellbeing.
    • Mood:- Many herbs, including lavender and chamomile, offer relaxing characteristics that can help lower tension and encourage relaxation. These features can also improve mood. Hydrosols/herb water act as instant herbal tea and can lift your spirits and make you feel less stressed and anxious.

    Hydrosols or say herb waters or call them ark as was often named by our ancestors are convenient to use in our busy day to day life without compromising on the health. This is simply because these ark at SNAANA are prepared using the traditional method of steam distillation which makes no use of chemicals and preservatives. Hence it's so quick and convenient to make a powerful - nutritious & therapeutic cup of herb tea anytime of the day without getting into the cumbersome process of brewing the herbs in a covered pan, sieving it etc. 

    Simply add 1- 2 tablespoons of ark to a cup of warm water and sip the healthy and nourishing tea.

    Refreshing Herbal Water to try this summer

    There are various kinds of herbal waters or hydrosols that are especially useful in the summer. These hydrosols can be added to food and beverages, skin care routine, hair care routine and aromatherapy rituals to add goddess to the life. The top herbal waters and their advantages for skin and health are listed below:

    Peppermint Hydrosol:- A soothing and refreshing mist, peppermint hydrosol can be used to treat sunburn, heat rash, and other skin irritations. Its potent, minty aroma makes it a natural insect repellent as well. For a reviving and cooling effect, peppermint hydrosol can be added to bath water, used as a body spray, or misted on the face and even consumed to aid digestion and cool the metabolism.

    Lavender Hydrosol:- With its calming and unwinding qualities, lavender hydrosol can help lower tension and encourage sound sleep. To calm and balance the skin, it can also be applied as a face toner. For a soothing and calming effect, lavender hydrosol can be added to bath water, used as a room spray, or misted on linens. It can be sipped to strengthen the immune system during the weather change.

    Rose water:- Rose water has astringent qualities that can help tone and tighten the skin. Additionally, it is well known for having anti-inflammatory qualities that can help calm irritated or inflamed skin. Rose hydrosol can be added to bath water for an elegant and aromatic soak, used as a body spray, or as a facial toner. Add to your food and beverages to make the most out of it during the summers.

    Chamomile Hydrosol:- Chamomile hydrosol has anti-inflammatory characteristics that can relieve skin irritations such as heat rash, sunburn, and others. It is also well known for having calming and unwinding qualities that can lessen anxiety and encourage sound sleep. For a calming and soothing effect, chamomile hydrosol can be added to bath water, used as a body spray, or misted on the face.A sip of chamomile at the bedtime can be super relaxing and calming to the mind and body

    Hydrosols or herb waters often sold in the market are not true to their name as they are not made using the right technique hence do not deliver the results expected of them. 

    True hydrosols are always - 

    Edible - if the herb is edible, the hydrosol prepared from it will be edible too.

    Steam distilled:- A hydrosol prepared using steam distillation technique does not require any chemical or preservative to lend a shelf life to it. It is by itself free from debris, contamination and easily stays good to use for 2 years when stored in a sterile glass bottle. 

    Nutrient rich:- Steam distillation provides the complete undisturbed nutritional profile of water soluble nutrients in the hydrosol derived from the herb used in distillation. Hydrosols are powerful herb waters that are highly therapeutic and aromatic naturally. 

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