Ingredients and making of the product

Each product blend is handmade the ancient way with body & skin nourishing vital ingredients that are sourced in the form of nuts & seeds, petals, leaves, roots, barks etc. directly from the farms. Cold pressing of oils, fine hand milling of herbs, steam distillation of essential oils & herb waters are done in house to ensure wholesome purity and effectiveness in products.

Transparency is our founding principle and therefore we bring the pictures and videos of all that goes into the making of the product from farm to bottles. We really do not believe in sourcing ready to use ingredients and blending the product to serve you as natural and chemical/preservative free. We have integrated backward and forward to part with every step from farming to jars and bottles to bring the purity in true sense and not for the namesake.

Watch the video to know how to authenticate the brand you buy beyond the jars & bottles.