World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day 2021

Wake up not only for a June day but everyday Inculcate SAVE ENVIRONMENT in your everyday routine

Each of us often talks about protecting the environment but how many of us do it with the heart and mind in it?
How many of us in reality make choices that do not harm the environment while buying day-to-day essentials like food, skincare, toys & furniture, and much more.
It’s time to act because if we do not bring SAVE ENVIRONMENT feel into action in our daily life, we will continue harming the environment far more than what we contribute once a year.

As you all know the plastic is suffocating animals, drains, rivers, marine life, and everything. Imagine each household with a family member of about 2-3 set out a minimum of 8-10 plastic bottles, tubes and jars with a number of puff packs every month.

Where do all this land up?

Not in the recycling unit at all. It’s our land & oceans that are filled with tons of plastic waste each year. Imagine plastic is soon going to be more in weight than the fishes in the ocean

We all together with our daily effort can contribute to making the environment plastic-free. So in all it’s our choices & actions decide the course of nature. Our everyday effort though may look miniature can make the earth a treasure. An effort that may cost us money, time & inconvenience. But as you know nothing in this world comes with the convenience Beat the convenience, Beat the plastic Wake up not only for a June day but every day to sustain nature the healthy way.

So be it a workplace or home, It important to work in tune with our mother nature.

And that’s how the founder of SNAANA 5 years back, worried about chemicals and plastics everywhere be it our skincare or food decided to bring back the traditionally used skin & food recipes in their original colour, texture & consistency into the jars and bottles. Hence, SNAANA, a purely organic brand in terms of ingredients and the preparation makes real-time tested recipes with just no use of any chemical or preservative for everyday use with simple unprocessed plant derived ingredients.

To keep up the promise to deliver the best – ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers & thereafter dried, fine powdered, distilled or cold-pressed through traditionally used methods only. This helps SNAANA not only create the best healthy & effective product but also use the waste like oil cake or sludge or distilled herb leftover in agriculture as cattle feed and effective fertilizer.

This cycle that begins from farmer and ends with farmer gives we all at SNAANA, the utmost satisfaction of working truly and purely in connection with our mother nature.

And the glass jars & bottles and wooden soap case can be reused for multiple purposes like home décor, jewelry box, etc.
Be it the SNAANA product ingredients or packaging, nothing that harms the environment when comes in contact with it.
SNAANA sets off on a journey in restoring the harmonious connect between us and nature. A growing brand amongst the conscious humans of the world.

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