What is Blue Beauty & how do you contribute to it to save our planet

What is Blue Beauty & how do you contribute to it to save our planet

What we put on our skin & scalp has a direct impact not only on our body but also on our environment, our planet Making a switch to natural organic skincare (Beauty) to avoid chemical-based product application on the skin is a mindful movement. But does this mindful move ever push you to think with the same mindful approach beyond your skin, for our Earth  

Often no and that’s simply because we want convenience, low-priced, on sale products  labelled with natural and organic simply to satiate our desire of using a healthy product.

In the course we end up buying products made with plastic and sold in plastic without giving a cheek to the composition and the visible plastic packaging. Plastic can be found in shampoo, shower gels, face wash etc. to name a few.

And this in and out plastic is destroying us, aquatic life, and our entire planet.  Hence recently people have started talking about the blue beauty movement to switch to sustainable and mindful choices that do not destroy the oceans and their ecosystem.

Be it blue beauty movement to save the oceans or waterless beauty to curb the use of water or clean- green beauty to make no use of nasties is a call to awake the consumer to rising deterioration in different areas due to chemicals in skin care products.  All these 21st century movements are the result of extensive use of chemicals/synthetics in skin care products.

All those Brands who choose to go completely traditional making no use of chemicals/synthetics/ preservatives and plastic resonate completely with all past present and future movements to save us and our planet.

The skincare industry is a highly unorganized sector that needs time-tuned laws to make products consumer-friendly and environment-friendly.

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