What are Hydrosols – Benefits & Uses


What are hydrosols?

Hydrosols are unique in that they can only be produced through the distillation process. The word Hydrosol is a term meaning “water solution”. Hydro means water and Sol means solution. In other words hydrosols are in the form of water containing the whole plant hydrophilic & lipophilic nutrients. Hydrosol is not water with fragrance oil or other synthetic compounds added.

Hydrosols can be used at any time, they make great refreshers throughout the day. Hydrosols can be termed as natural herb waters. These herb waters are often used as a toner and contain many anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. They absorb very easily into the skin, making them great to apply before and after moisturizing your skin. You can also use hydrosol water in Skin-care products or Aromatherapy or food & medicine due to their healing properties.

Fact – Hydrosols are steam distilled water containing water soluble herb nutrients made using steam distillation, a traditional technique that requires no use of chemicals or preservatives. So far distillation is the best technique to produce a truly natural highly therapeutic hydrosol.   

Uses of hydrosol

Hydrosols are also amazingly gentle, safe, and easy-to-use products that can be used in tons of ways. Since hydrosols contain no preservatives, they have relatively short shelf lives of between 6 months to 2  years. A bottle of hydrosol/Herb water can be used for different purposes at home like cooking, skin care, diffuser, medicine, tea drops etc.

Fact – If the herb is edible then the hydrosol produced from that very herb is edible too. 


How is hydrosol made

At SNAANA we make herb water through the ancient technique of steam distillation also known as Deg-Bhapka method to make nutrient rich – highly effective and aromatic & flavorful water. The water derives its nutrients & aroma from the herb only. If the herb is edible, the water prepared from it too is edible. Watch the making of different hydrosols at snaana here.  

Hydrosol for skin

When used after cleansing and before treatments, hydrosols make a wonderful facial toner. They lock in moisture and equalize the skin’s balance of oil and water. They are safe and gentle enough to use directly on the face. A skin care routine is incomplete without a hydrosol, a need usually felt by those who use hydrosols in their daily life. It contains water soluble nutrients with needle-like oil floating on top of it that works as healthy & highly effective fat which act as natural medicine & minimizes skin concerns and keeps it healthy. For itchy and dry skin, you can use hydrosols for skin to make it smooth and soft. For skin, Rose, peppermint and lavender organic hydrosols might be a good option. Hydrosols act as natural, poetent & effective skin toners and since various herbs contain different set of unique nutrients suitable to use for varied skin types and conditions. 

Do you need to refrigerate hydrosol?

No, it’s not a must do requirement to store hydrosol. You can place the bottle in room temperature or refrigerator as per your convenience but ensure to always tight the cap after use and do not contaminate it.

What is the shelf life of hydrosols?

Hydrosols are good to use for more than a year when used stored in room temperature with avoidance of contamination.

Which hydrosol is best for anti aging?

Hydrosols like lavender, rose, fennel, coriander, chamomile are good to improve skin hydration and firmness and relieve dryness conditions.

Can you mix hydrosol with essential oils?

Hydrosols are potent herb waters and do not really mix well with essential oils. Essential oils floats on the hydrosols.

Find hydrosols that work good for skin types like

Oily Acne pimple prone skin – Peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, rose, holy basil, sweet lime, clove

Normal skin Rose, lavender, sweet lime, camphor chamomile, mandarin 

Highly sensitive or say baby skin – chamomile, rose, lavender

Dry skin – Rose, lavender, cinnamon, ginger, chamomile

Hydrosol for Hair

Hydrosols are wonderful for hair. When these herb water are applied on the hair, they penetrate deep inside the scalp nourishing it with nutrients. The non-irritant component of this hydrosol makes excellent add-ons to the shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils.

These herb water act as topical food for scalp and hair length. It helps hair stay hydrated and improves its texture and appearance. 

Hydrosols like curry leaf, ginger, cinnamon, camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint work very well in strengthening the hair & minimizing its concerns.

Why do people not know about Hydrosol or ark in India?

The lack of focus on plant derived – ancient techniques have led to people, especially the new generations not aware of hydrosols. Though in the last decade there is growing desire for natural products, hence hydrosols are making a comeback. Hydrosols are one of the best, pure and efficient sources to act as medicine, health & wellness drink, food flavoring agent, skin care ingredient and much more.

Herb waters are known to ancient indians with its multiple use popularity in various kingdoms across the millennia. It has been mentioned in different ayurvedic texts for its benefits in skin care and overall health. 

Best Hydrosol manufacturer & supplier in India  

SNAANA is the best hydrosol supplier in India with its own in-house distillery to prepare the real ark using the traditional clean technique. Therefore SNAANA offers more than 20 popular varieties of herb waters to natural savvy consumers. 

Fact – Beware because often the hydrosols available in the market are fake, made using synthetic fragrance in water with added preservatives. 

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