Top 5 Surprising Benefits Of Vetiver – Skin, Hair & Health


 Vetiver is a delightfully fragrant grass that finds many uses during the Indian Summer, due to its cooling and refreshing qualities. Vetiver provides a sweet, woody aroma that can be applied topically or diffused to help create warm, welcoming spaces. Benefits of vetiver – Since ancient times, it has been used in India as an important ingredient in aromatherapy known for its relaxing and sedative characteristics. It is also used as an aphrodisiac as it promotes relaxation of the mind and body.

Vetiver meaning in Hindi – खसखस (Khus Khus)

Vetiver origin – Vetiver is a densely tufted grass native to India and has been introduced into the tropics of both hemispheres. Therefore benefits and usage of vetiver are quite known to Indians and many products are made from vetiver in India.  It is resistant to many pests and is often used to control environmental concerns like soil erosion, and flooding with its large and strong fibrous root system. It is cultivated and also grows like a weed in different parts of India along the river banks and marshy places.  

Vetiver is a source of various products for human use like

  • Vetiver oil
  • Aroma
  • Food 
  • Medicinal compounds.
Fact - The aromatic dried vetiver grass was used in the cooler during summers to keep the room cool.  

Types of vetiver in India

There are two types of vetiver found in India. As per research the vetiver that is cultivated in north India along the Indo-Gangetic plains like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar is usually a wild variety with superior quality oil. While the vetiver grown in South India in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh differ in appearance with thin and tiny hair-producing inferior quality oil. 

Odour of vetiver – Depending on the breed and the soil, the odour may differ however usually it is earthy to rosy to saffron.  

Vetiver medicinal uses

In India, vetiver is used to treat mouth ulcers, insect bites, fever & headaches. Both the paste of fresh roots and the water decoction of the roots are used. Vetiver provides many health benefits to the body like:-

  • The aroma of the Vetiver oil balances the effect on the hormonal system, dispels hysteria, anger, and irritability, and improves skin texture.
  • Applied externally, it is used as an antiseptic as it can kill bacteria.
  • Vetiver is sometimes inhaled as “aromatherapy” for nervousness, trouble sleeping (insomnia), and joint and muscle pain (rheumatism).
  • Vetiver is high on antioxidants and thus, helps in boosting your immune system by removing all the toxins from your body and fighting free radicals.
  • Vetiver is cooling and digestive in taste. It is good for fever, increased pitta, vomiting, etc. conditions.

Nature of vetiver – It is cold in nature hence very good to use during the summertime to beat the body heat. Its cool property makes it a soothing & cooling flavor in shakes and other beverages during the heat time of the year.

As per Ayurveda, it is helpful in pacifying pitta dosha in the body. 

Vetiver aromatherapy benefits

Vetiver is known to improve mental conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a therapy that works on the seven chakras of the human body. The smell of vetiver has a soothing effect on our nerves and helps calm your anxious brain. It also helps reduce stress and is good for people suffering from mental problems.

Vetiver oil benefits for brain

In a research study, vetiver oil inhalation improved alertness and brain functioning making the brain feel more awake with increased focusing stamina. 

Vetiver benefits for face & Skin

Vetiver extract helps restore the skin barrier and also has anti-aging properties. Vetiver extract, if used on our skin regularly, improves hydration and gives a radiant glow to our skin. A natural coolant, toner, and moisturizer, Vetiver is a boon for your skin. Let’s now look at the benefits of using Vetiver for your skin.

  • Clears dry skin acne and boosts skin health – Vetiver oil helps in clearing dry skin caused acne and acne mark too. It exhibits very strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Note – Vetiver water or vetiver oil may not suit individuals with oily acne-prone skin. 

  • Anti-aging agent – It contains antioxidants and hydrating elements, which help in preventing premature skin aging. It normalizes all the puffiness on the face.
  • As an exfoliator – It exfoliates your skin really well. It removes the dead skin cells easily without being harsh on the skin.
  • Improve skin complexion – The oil made with vetiver or vetiver water helps maintain healthy & cool skin with apt blood circulation leading to improved skin complexion. 
  • Heals Scars And Diminishes Marks – It is used in skin cell regeneration and boosting the growth of new cells. It facilitates wound healing, effectively reduces scars, blemishes, and marks due to acne, burns or pox by removing dead skin cells from the body

Vetiver benefits for hair growth

Vetiver is Blessed with anti-microbial properties, it improves blood circulation in the hair follicles, prevents various hair infections & also takes part in collagen formation. It is extremely useful for rejuvenating dull, lifeless hair.

Vetiver Tea benefits

  • Vetiver is a source of iron, manganese, and Vitamin B6 all of which are great for blood circulation and regulate blood pressure levels.
  • Vetiver greatly helps reduce inflammation. The vetiver water decoction can be used to treat all types of inflammation and it is particularly effective against inflammations caused by heatstroke and dehydration.
  • Vetiver is good for the digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, nervous system, neurotic and excretory system. Hence, it keeps the metabolic system in order. It rejuvenates the body, boosts immunity, and gives strength.

How to Use Vetiver for Your Skin & Health

Vetiver, as an ingredient, is used in multiple skincare products. Its combination of nourishing and healing abilities is a treat for the skin, body, and hair. The distinctive use of Vetiver is prominent in the following products.

  • Mist/ Edible Vetiver water
  • Vetiver Face cream
  • Vetiver Powder
  • Edible Vetiver Essential oil
  • Soaps

 Where To Buy Vetiver?

Buy vetiver products like vetiver water or vetiver essential oil directly from a traditional distillery itself instead of buying from traders. 

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