SNAANA says NO to chemicals and preservatives in skin care. Here’s Why?

SNAANA says NO to chemicals and preservatives in skin care. Here’s Why?

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• All the SNAANA products are 100% natural and synthetic-free because we did not succumb to the competition of making the products more cost-effective by compromising on the quality. With the revolution in the skin care industry, companies are only trying to beat their competitors even if it means introducing chemicals in the products.

• The major question that has risen is how safe is the use of these chemicals and its impact on the skin. With disorders like a migraine, cancer, hormonal issues cropping up with the use of chemicals, the word ‘SAFE’ needs to have a new definition. We must know that we cannot use these chemically processed products blindly. SNAANA when says natural, we mean 100% chemical-free  products and we stand by our promise of delivering the same to you.

• Advertising these chemicals with names of natural ingredients including herbal, tulsi, haldi, rose or sandalwood has become a common practice. But the truth behind this advertising is that these naturally grown products undergo multiple stages of processing where they end up losing their nutrition and the number of chemicals supersedes the natural ingredients.

• In order to increase the shelf life of a product, companies add preservatives to the product. The factor that bothers us the most is the fact that a purchased skincare or haircare product is usually consumed within 2-3 months of the purchase, then why is there a need to add the chemicals? Soon enough we realized that the main reason is that the companies want to minimize the risk of unsold inventories. The reason why they are adamant on using these chemicals to which SNAANA strictly says NO.

• Our way to approach this problem was to kill the cause. We decided to not to use the products that are prone to bacterial growth including water, milk etc. This way, we ensured that there are zero preservatives in all our products including soap bars, creams, powdered scrub, after shower oils similar to lotion but without water & preservative.

• Our go-to strategy has always been 100% natural. Alkaa Punia, our founder firmly believes that even if the composition is 99% natural and 1% chemical, it cannot be termed as natural/organic. So if a company claims they have used food preservatives or colours in their product, it still is synthetic, nothing else. • Last and most important call that SNAANA took as a brand was to realize the fact that during Vedic times these chemicals were never a part of the Ayurvedic compositions and were 100% natural, then why does a need to use the chemicals arise now? To sum it up, SNAANA chose the way of 100% natural products and said NO to chemicals and preservatives because we believe in the true essence of customer loyalty and will always want to find the way to serve you with nothing less than the best.

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