Skin Hydration facts – All you need to know

Skin Hydration facts – All you need to know

Beat the heat with traditionally used beautifying herb waters that act as super hydrating skin toners and instant refreshing face mist. The alcohol-free edible toners are making a strong come back as an effective skin rescuer that is packed with highly therapeutic multi nutrients and the real refreshing aroma.  

Skin Hydration with SNAANA

These different herb-derived waters also known as ark contain natural water-soluble nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin C & B, etc. that not only provide hydration to the skin pores but help deliver skin essential nutrients to the skin in the form of food. This topical food is a life-altering elixir for the skin making it look and feel calm, smooth, even, and lively. 

These unique herb waters in today’s artificial world are completely free from synthetics and preservatives making them the ultimate helpful, safe & healthy toners cum mist. 

During summers, the skin’s outer layer needs an extra dose of water to make up for the loss of water due to heat/evaporation. Summers call for less usage of creams/oils and more usage of toners and mist to balance the skin as per the need of the weather. So a bottle of herb water/ark as per the skin type can be a valuable addition to the skincare routine during warm times of the year. 

Normal SkinRosewater, Lavender water, lemongrass water, Turmeric water
Oily SkinPeppermint water, Orange water, sweet lime water, Eucalyptus water, Camphor water, Rosemary water
Dry skinVetiver water, Marigold water, Fennel water, Turmeric water
Combination SkinRosewater, Curry leaf
Baby/highly sensitive SkinLavender water, Chamomile water, Calendula water, Rosewater
Refer to the table to know which herb water will suit your skin type the best. These herb waters will help you balance your skin microbiome and keep it healthy & beautiful. 

Making a switch from a synthetically formulated skin toner to a naturally harnessed toner is indeed a step in the right direction. That’s simply because the nature-created human body responds far better to natural products than synthetic ones. And nature has everything from food to medicine for every skin type with its multi diversity. One of the known skin toners used for centuries is the Rosewater. 

Synthetically formulated toners or face mist often contain natural highlighted ingredients in negligible percentage rather for name sake only with major ingredients like alcohol, propylene glycol, benzoyl peroxide, synthetic fragrance, salicylic acid etc. 

Benefits of a natural skin toner – traditionally prepared through steam distillation 

• Keep the skin hydration and fresh faced

• Restore the skin’s microbiome (Skin ph) keeping it soft and healthy

• Help fill the skin pores with nutrient rich distilled water and reduce the acne pimple and cystic eruptions. 

• Helpful to ease dryness as toner helps improve hydration and provides long last moisturizing. 

• Reduce the size of skin pores making them look even and firm

• Keep the skin calm and itch free.

Topical food for skin – delivers vital nutrients like vitamin B & Vitamin C to the skin.

Read more on Natural vitamin C vs. Synthetic Vitamin C. 

100% chemical and preservative free – made with time tested ingredients and technique.

• Natural aroma provides a soothing and calming feel to the body and the mind. 

Snaana - Rose Water
SNAANA-Rose Water

How to use a Natural Skin toner or say herb water

Use it as a toner after cleansing and right before applying the face oil or face cream twice every day. 

Use it anytime of the day as refreshing mist to wipe the dirt and calm the skin. 

How to find the best Natural toner for your skin

While buying toner or a mist always look for steam distilled herb water prepared through the ancient technique of steam distillation only. Make sure the herb water is edible in nature and does not contain any synthetic or preservative at all.  Always make an effort to authenticate the brand beyond the jars and bottle to substantiate their claims of purity. Read more about the making of natural face toner & mist at 

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