Call it to exfoliate, Body Polishers or a Scrub – each one of it performs the same function of removing the dead cells, hard – flaky skin, and cleaning the skin pores. What matters the most is the INGREDIENTS used to rub the skin to seek the desired polished –vibrant skin.

The traditionally prepared scrubs in the form of fine powders are making a strong comeback as a safe, highly effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to gel-based highly scented, microplastic added chemicals and preservatives scrubs that we often see in the market.

The routine exfoliation/scrub with plant-derived ingredients can bring glow, luster, and smoothness, improves hyperpigmentation, and treat all skin types including dryness, acne – blackheads & of course strengthen the skin barrier.

The need to scrub/exfoliate the skin is different in different age groups. This need totally depends on the skin cycle of generating new cells and shedding off the dead cells. As we age the mechanism to generate the cells and shed the old ones on its own slows down creating a frequent need to scrub.

At SNAANA the body scrubs are named staple baths as these are made with finely powdered herbs and nuts & seeds with no addition of any chemical and preservative at all.

Powdered cleaners are an ancient recipe used for thousands of years to scrub/exfoliate and polish the skin.

Our Skin Polishers are

100% Natural. Synthetic Free

No Added Colour

No Added Fragrance Or Perfume

Approved By Drug & Cosmetics

100% microbead free

Prepared with time tested ingredients

100% chemical-free & preservative-free

Traditional Technique

Here’s how we make the 100% natural skin scrub for your face & body

Whole herbs
Different herbs, nuts & seeds are sourced from the farmer located in different locations across India. The sourced herb is sun/shade-dried depending upon the herb requirement to prevent bug invasion.

Mortar & pestle

We make use of traditionally used tools like iron or wooden mortar and pestle to soften the hard roots and stems, crush and grind the same to make their powder. Though this is time & labour intensive but helps retain the nutrient value of the herb.


Flour mill

The hand crushed and grinded herbs are milled into flour kind of powder with the help of a flour mill. We do not use whole herbs directly in the flour mill as this can heat the machine leading to loss of nutrients in herbs.

Fine powder

The herb flour is fine powdered using the cotton cloth as sieve cloth as shown in the picture. This helps produce fine powder suitable for application on the skin.Suitable for cooking and applying on skin (face & body) for the desired benefit.


The different fine powders are blended as per the formulation for the different age groups because the skin cycle of generating new cells and shedding off the dead cells functional ability is different in different age groups.

How are we different from other skin scrub/exfoliate/ polisher products in the market?

  • We make the scrub to benefit your skin and not to appeal to you with its color, fragrance, or texture.
  • Our scrubs or say powder cleansers are prepared in-house with whole herbs directly sourced from farmers with close association to ensure no adulteration, plus in-house right fine milling technique resulting in quality rich produce.
  • The need of our skin changes with age hence the blends are formulated keeping in mind the need of the skin with respect to sensitivity, oiliness, dryness, age spots, pigmentation, etc.
  • Our products are absolutely free from chemicals/synthetics and preservatives. Hence we do not produce gel-based scrub, semi-solid scrub, wet clay scrub, etc. Anything that is in liquid or semi-solid or gel calls for the addition of chemicals to give it a texture and consistency and of course the shelf life.

1. What is the meaning of scrub? Is scrub, exfoliate & polish the same?

Scrub means to rub something hard to make it clean and smooth. When it comes to skincare, the scrub is a skincare routine to shed the dead skin layer to make it clean, look bright, and feel smooth. The three words – Scrub, exfoliate, and polish perform the same function on the skin of removing the dead cells and making it look & feel healthy, smooth, and bright.

2. How to make a scrub at home?

Scrubs often known by the name ubtans are a very much known famous skincare routine in Indian homes as a self beauty practice. These ubtans contain ingredients that are available right in our kitchen like lentils (rich with natural saponins), spice powders like turmeric, coriander, cumin, etc. These ubtans preparation goes back to ancient times for usage as lep for skin treatments, self beauty, etc. Ubtans are usually made keeping in mind the skin sensitivity, age (newborn or adult or aged), and specific concern.

3. How to use the scrub the right way to benefit the face and body skin?

It’s indeed very important to use the right scrub the right way to benefit from it. We need a scrub to shed the dead skin which loses the tendency to shed on its own at the desired time hence a rub with finely powdered herbs can help shed the skin giving an easy way for new cells to top and keeping the skin concerns aside like dryness, itch, acne-causing bacteria, etc.

So using the scrub 1-2 times is a must in teenage and young adult age individuals. However, those in post-’30s should start using scrub 3-4 times a week to keep it absolutely healthy. And the aged skin like in the ’70s and beyond should use a fine powder cleanser almost every day to help shed the dead skin. The more clean & healthy the skin is – the flawless and brightened it looks to be. Be it the face skin or body skin- both need a scrub to polish it. However, the face skin is quite fragile-sensitive so a highly fine-milled powder is the need while a body scrub with slight coarseness works super effective in bringing smoothness and health.

4. Is scrub good for the skin?

Scrub is good for skin but make sure to use it the right way prepared with the right set of ingredients. The scrub is not a newly devised technique but the usage of rubbing the skin with different herb powders is in use for thousands of years. But we at SNAANA believe its always best to use safe and time-tested techniques to scrub and hence we are against using chemical peels on the skin to shed the dead skin.

5. What is exfoliate? How to Exfoliate your face naturally at home?

Exfoliate means to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin similar to a scrub. DIY exfoliate is simple to do at home. Ingredients like fine powdered lentil and spices with added hydrosols or milk/curd depending upon the skin type can be used to prepare a natural face to exfoliate at home.

6. What is the difference between exfoliate and bleach?

In this chemical driven world, often we see many new products making their way to different cosmetic clinics and shelves with claims to make skin look whitened and brightened. However, we believe fine powdered herbs blend can help exfoliate the skin making it look clean, feel smooth, and appear brightened making no change in the color of the skin. No product can alter the skin color or make it fair or white. Rather we suggest being extra cautious when using bleach related or whitening products on the skin.