Turmeric Hydrosol ( Steam Distilled Ark of Turmeric)


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Turmeric water is water-soluble nutrient-rich water of the herb turmeric ( haldee / हल्दी )  prepared through the traditional technique of steam distillation. This water is technically also known as turmeric hydrosol.

The steam distilled Haldee water has varied uses in life from being an effective ingredient in skincare to health-boosting. Ingredient in our regular food and beverage recipes and much more.

Turmeric scientific name – curcuma longa

Turmeric water Skin benefits

  • Turmeric water is a super hydrating skin tonic for all skin types and all age groups. Effective nutrients like vitamin B complex and Vitamin C helps deliver vital essentials to the skin through topical application.
  • Regular turmeric water usage helps improve skin health by decreasing hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles in the ’30s and beyond.
  • Regular usage as a toner improves the appearance of the skin surface. It shrinks the wide–open pores and provides a smooth and even tone.
  • This works well on oily acne-prone skin too to act as a skin toner. It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic properties.
  • Turmeric water application on the scalp can be a source of vitamin B & C for the scalp which is therapeutic in maintaining good scalp health.

Turmeric water Health Benefits

  • Itt can be added as a nutrient-rich flavor to salads, cold-salted recipes and all that cooked recipes go well with its taste.
  • Its intake can help the intake of vital nutrients like vitamin B complex and vitamin C thus improving the immunity in the body.
  • The water is highly therapeutic and provides anti-inflammatory and de-toxicant benefits to the body.
  • It speeds metabolism and improves digestion, a health vital tonic.
  • It is supertonic to ease inflammation and seek relief from muscles and joint aches.

Turmeric Tea Drops

Potent nutrient drops of Turmeric – Vitamin B complex and Vitamin

Add about 1-2 teaspoon or 10 -15 drops to a cup of warm water. And enjoy the turmeric tea. haldee water is water-soluble nutrient-rich water of turmeric roots. This simple, quick, and convenient way of making tea help stick to the regular routine of drinking turmeric tea at home and while you are on a trip.

Making of Turmeric Water at SNAANA

Turmeric herb usage in different ways is a knowledge passed on to us from generation to generation. Making turmeric hydrosol too is a traditional technique called steam distillation where the fresh turmeric roots are sourced from the farmer, washed and cleaned, chopped into slices, and steam distilled to produce the rich – highly therapeutic haldee water. SNAANA keeps a close association with turmeric cultivation farmers in the villages of the Himalayas for fresh and pesticide-free raw material.


At SNAANA we make every effort to bring the best quality- pure turmeric hydrosol to you.

Care for the product

Use the product within 2 months of opening the pack. Use it regularly to feel the benefits of using haldee water. Apart from the amber color mist bottle – keep other sized bottles in the refrigerator. Always close the lid tight immediately after use as the product is 100% free from chemicals and preservatives hence proper care is needed.


Please do not use the product if you are allergic to Turmeric. Though the product is absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you do a patch/intake test before using it as a regular product.

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Q1: What are the health benefits of turmeric?

Turmeric hydrosol when consumed can help ease arthritis, prevent damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s, lowers bad cholesterol and above all boost the immunity system that helps in creating strong defence mechanisms to prevent sickness.

Q2: What is turmeric in Hindi called?

Turmeric in hindi is called Haldi. Wild turmeric is different from turmeric and is called Aam haldi.

Q3: How does turmeric help to keep acne away?

Turmeric hydrosol when used as mist can help fill the skin pores with analgesic, antifungal, antibacterial water to exhibit the acne causing bacteria. Turmeric can be added to the acne skin care routine as a toner to use after proper cleansing twice daily.

Q4: Does turmeric have any anti-aging effects?

Turmeric water contains many water soluble nutrients like vitamins and minerals that help in the upkeep of the skin from taking care of scars, blemishes, pigmentation and allergy concerns. Turmeric water with face oil or cream can help in age delaying.

Q5: Can turmeric help to get rid of a cough?

Yes, Turmeric can help in improving the body immunity to fight against cold & cough as it contains lipopolysaccharide which acts as an immune stimulator.

Q6: What are the negative effects of turmeric?

Excess of anything is bad, be it natural. Excessive use can cause acidity, stomach ulcer, inflammation, blood thinning etc. Always use in moderation.



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