Steam Distilled Essential Oil of Sweet Lime


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Mosambi essential oil is equally refreshing and energising as a glass of fresh sweet tangy sweetlime juice. A rich source of vitamin C , copper, zinc and many more nutrients instantly aids digestion, eases nausea. Its innumerable benefits have mention in the texts of ayurveda so carry a bottle of sweetlime essential oil with you and reach out to its benefits as and when needed.


  • Abundant Vitamin C in Sweetlime promotes collagen production, fights free radical damage making skin firm and more clear in complexion.
  • Inhalation helps uplift mood, overcome nausea, aid digestion.
  • Treats acne & pimples.

It can be consumed and applied on skin to reap desired results.

Since we steam distil essential oils in-house so we do have each of herbs ark/hydrosol/steam distilled water also available. Hydrosols can also be consumed and applied for desired results.


Always dilute essential oils and use. Always use essential oils under guidance. For this you can always consult us through email. Send your concerns and queries on essential oil on


A drop of essential oil is extracted from more than 100gm sweet lime peels therefore these are very powerful and concentrated oil and hence should always be used under proper guidance. Doses of essential oils vary for prevention and cure and also depend on the age, body constitution and health of individual. For any further information that you may need, please contact us.


Q1: What is lime essential oil good for?

Sweet lime essential oil is highly aromatic that uplifts the mood. The freshness brings in wellbeing. It is vitamin c rich and boosts hair and skin health.

Q2: How is sweet lime essential oil manufactured at Snaana?

Sweet lime essential oil is made from the peel of the fruit sweet lime. The fresh clean peels are steam distilled to make steam distilled essential oil.

Q3: Is Snaana’s sweet lime essential oil pure?

SNAANA sweet lime essential oil is 100% pure natural steam distilled oil. It is edible and highly therapeutic.

Q4: Does sweet lime essential oil has anti-bacterial properties?

Yes, sweet lime essential oil is antibacterial.

Sweet Lime


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