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Nutmeg , a pear shaped fruit is a spice found in every Indian home to treat cold, cough in adults including infants. Hot in nature, it is steam distilled from dried nuts of riped fruit.

  • Being warm, it improves circulation and thereby relieves pain.
  • Treats dry cough.
  • Boost brain activity –provides mental clarity, eliminates anxiety & depression
  • Treats tennis elbow
  • Strengthens & tightens the gums and removes bad breathe

Since we steam distil essential oils inhouse so we do have each of herbs ark/hydrosol/steam distilled water also available. Hydrosols can also be consumed and applied for desired results.


Always dilute essential oils and use. Always use essential oils under guidance. For this you can always consult us through email. Send your concerns and queries on essential oil on


A drop of essential oil is extracted from more than 10 dried fruits therefore these are very powerful and concentrated oil and hence should always be used under proper guidance. Doses of essential oils vary for prevention and cure and also depend on the age, body constitution and health of individual. For any further information that you may need, please contact us.


Always buy essential oil that can be used internally, topically and aromatically. Essential oils available in the market labelled ONLY FOR COSMETIC USE are synthetic, not natural therefore cannot be consumed. Hence only provide similar aroma and carry no therapeutic property.


Q1: What is nutmeg and what are the benefits of Nutmeg Essential Oil?

Nutmeg is jaiphal in Hindi, a spice usually used in the kitchen and in Ayurveda. Nutmeg benefits respiratory ailments like bronchitis, chest congestion, flu, sore throat, etc. It regulates metabolism and improves digestion, aids mental clarity, lowers the uric acid in the body. The essential oil is used in food as flavouring agents.

Q2: What precautions are to be taken while using Nutmeg Essential Oil?

Nutmeg essential oil benefits should be reaped through the application of the oil. It is very strong herb -strong oil hence should not be used on children at all. Always use essential oil under the guidance of a practitioner.

Q3: How is Nutmeg Essential Oil-manufactured at Snaana?

Nutmeg essential oil is made from steam distilling the nutmeg matured fruits. The steam distillation method is the best to make a pure and highly therapeutic essential oil.

Q4: What are the benefits of Nutmeg Essential Oil?

Nutmeg essential oil benefits the human body in concerns like respiratory, digestive, and arthritis. The oil is warm and its application helps find relief from such concerns.



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