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Organically prepared ginger root water- ark is a known spice and herbal medicine to promote good health naturally. It has been in use for traditions to treat common ailments like cold cough, nausea, arthritis, scalp, and skin infections to name a few. It a famous ingredient in Indian homes used in tea and curries.
This steam-distilled water is 100% chemical & preservative free made through the ancient technique of distillation. Hence it is highly therapeutic and effective in benefiting the human body.


Traditional herbal medicine used for common health problems.

    • Helpful in motion sickness & morning sickness – Calms dizziness and nausea (vomiting). It is often used post-surgery to overcome nausea.
    • A good and famous herbal remedy to treat cold, cough, and other respiratory concerns.
    • Aids digestion and boost appetite as it regulates the secretion of digestive juices in the digestive system. It may help overcome abdominal pain and inflammation, improve the bowel, and prevent unwanted gas formation.
    • With its anti-inflammatory properties, it is very helpful in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasm, sprain related conditions.
    • Ginger’s daily consumption may reduce the production of fat which helps in controlling the formation of triglycerides. It may help in managing obesity as it gives the feeling of fullness/reduced hunger.
    • It improves immune system functioning in the body.
    • Use it on the scalp/skin to treat dandruff/fungal concerns.

In other words, ginger water intake is very helpful during colic/indigestion, cold, cough, menstrual disorder, pain in joints, motion sickness, morning sickness, etc.


Add about 1-2 teaspoons or 10 -15 drops to a cup of warm/cool water or drink. And enjoy the nutrient-rich healthy tea. Ginger is water-soluble nutrient-rich water of ginger roots.
This simple, quick, and convenient way of making tea help stick to the regular routine of drinking ginger tea at home and while you are on a trip.


The steam distilled water of Ginger roots only.


At SNAANA we make ginger water through the ancient technique of steam distillation. The ginger plant material roots used in distillation are grown in the Himalayan range in the region of Tehri in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. We keep a close association with the farmer to ensure quality healthy produce.

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Q1: What are some of the health benefits of ginger?

Ginger intake reduces fat production helping the body is reduced with reduced formation of triglycerides. Ginger is used in Indian homes as a natural remedy to treat cold cough and other respiratory concerns. It is also known for aiding digestion and overcoming dizziness and nausea. Ginger being warm in nature is very helpful in relieving the pain in joints.

Q2: Is ginger good for diabetic patients?

Ginger may help diabetes 1 and diabetes 2 both as it lowers the blood sugar plus reduce the formation of fat in the body. It’s always important to consult a practitioner before using it as a medicine.

Q3: Does eating ginger helps you burn body fat?

Yes, ginger certainly helps in producing less fat hence it works in obesity management.

Q4: What are the health benefits of ginger tea?

Ginger can be used in two ways to benefit the body – 1. In the regular upkeep of the health. 2. In the treatment of ailments like cold – cough, etc. Right intake is must to feel the benefit of the herb.

Q5: Does drinking ginger green tea reduce high blood pressure?

Yes, ginger may help reduce stress in blood vessels by improving the blood circulation thereby reducing the blood pressure in the body.

Q6: Is ginger green tea good or bad for gallbladder?

Ginger tea may and may not be the right choice for the gallbladder as it depends on the body constitution. Pitta dominated bodies usually find ginger not suitable for their bodies.


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  1. Rohit

    The first thing i noticed about this product when i ordered it is its strong smell of ginger which really tells a lot about how pure the product is!!!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback

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