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The comb is an important need of the hair to keep it neat and tiny. A Neem comb made with wood is beneficial for the scalp, hair, and planet.

  • The perfect made for baby’s hair and scalp comb deliver comfort to the baby while hair combing. 
  • The soft round teeth massage the scalp gently and help shed the cradle cap.
  • The easy-to-hold comb design helps keep a better hold of the comb while in use.
  • The comb is suitable for infants, toddlers, and sensitive scalp individuals.
  • The size & design makes it a perfect easy to carry – purse comb. 
  • The neem wood-made comb is a preferred choice as it is strong and medicinal in nature.  


Use it to detangle and set the hair as you desire. Use it gently to massage the scalp and distribute the oil all over the scalp. 

Wooden combs are making a strong come back after decades of use of plastic & metal combs simply because
  • Wood prevents damage from static as it is a bad conductor of electricity.
  • Wood gives a soft feel as compared to metal and plastic.
  • Wood is biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

The neem tree is a proven medicinal plant known for its effective antibacterial, antifungal properties making it healthy in the upkeep of scalp and hair. 

Switch to wooden hair combs and get introduced to the unique healthy feel of wood on your scalp. 

Care for the product 

Make sure to keep the comb in a dry place away from water/moisture. Clean the comb occasionally with water and dry it completely.


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