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Best Natural Skin care – Health and Wellness products to gift this festive season to your friends and family with traditional recipes organically prepared with no usage of chemicals and preservatives at all.

A thoughtful make for a thoughtful gift.


SNAANA – Face Mask (100 grams)

Ingredients: Jojoba Powder, Hemp Seed, Powder, Kalonji Powder, Reetha Powder, Anantmool Powder, Rose Powder, Shikakai Powder, Essential oils of Eucalyptus, Sweet Lime & Holy Basil.

How to use:Take 1 tablespoon, make a thin paste & apply all over the face with gentle scrubbing. Keep it for 1-2 minutes & rinse with water. Apply face oil/cream. Use daily bedtime.

Benefits:Sheds dead skin & cleans the skin pores. Lightens scars, improves complexion & brings glow. Control acne-pimple growth.

SNAANA – Body Skin Polisher for glowing skin (250grams)

A unique blend of dry powder herbs to shed dry and rough body skin to soften, lighten and improve blood circulation for a healthy skin.

Ingredients: Jojoba Powder, Hempseed Powder, Apricot Kernel Powder, Almond Powder, Reetha Powder, Shikakai Powder, Rose Powder, Hibiscus Powder, Calendula Powder, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Holy Basil, Peppermint & Eucalyptus.

How to use: Take 2 tablespoons of staple powder and make a running paste by adding water. Apply on the body and gently scrub for 10 minutes. Rinse completely for a smooth and shiny skin. Do not use soap or any other cleanser. Apply after shower oil immediately after rinse. We recommend this bath 1-2 times a week for a healthy skin.

Benefits – Exfoliate & polish your skin naturally for clean, clear and healthy skin. The product works best to promote blood circulation, lightens scars and blemishes, reduces acnes, treats dry skin patches and overcomes itch and other related skin concerns.

SNAANA -Organic Himalayan Turmeric Root Powder (100 grams)

Fine powdered Himalayan turmeric roots to nourish your body in and out.

Ingredients: Powdered turmeric roots cultivated in Uttarakhand villages.

How to use: Use the powder in your curries, smoothies, warm turmeric milk and recipes of your choice.

Benefits:Curcumin & Tumerone rich turmeric work to improve the overall health of the body.

SNAANA – Rose elixir tea drops (50 ml)

Powerful nutrients drops of the rose petals to add health to your skin and body. For usage and intake please

Ingredients: Steam distilled water of rose petals.

How to use: Use this rose water to drink & apply on skin. Add 7-10 drops to a cup of warm water & sip it like a rose tea. You can add 10 drops to your drinking water bottle & enjoy sipping the whole day. Apply Rose water as a toner on a clean face.

SNAANA – Himalayan Turmeric Tea Drops (50ml)

Potent nutrient water of turmeric root to add health to your skin and body. For intake & usage please

Ingredients: Steam distilled water of Himalayan turmeric roots.

How to use: Use this turmeric water to drink & apply on the skin. Add 5-7 drops to a cup of warm water and enjoy it like a immunity boosting green tea. Apply on face as a face toner.

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