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Sesame Oil

SNAANA’s Sesame Oil is extracted through cold pressed method from the seeds of the Sesame plant. This oil is 100% pure and organic. It is unrefined and contains no chemicals or preservatives.

Sesame oil or Gingelly oil is popularly known as ‘Til Ka Tel’ in India. This oil has a pale yellow colour with pleasant aroma and a nutty flavour.

At SNAANA we source sesame seeds from Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh to cold press for pure, unrefined and nutrient rich oil. A kilogram of sesame seeds produce about 330 grams of oil.

Cold pressed Sesame Oil has anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties. This oil also contains vital nutrients and minerals like vitamin E, vitamin B-6, calcium, protein, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus, zinc, amino acids, fatty acids, monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acids, polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10.

Benefits of cold pressed sesame oil

Cold pressed Sesame oil has its uses in hair and skin care, while also offering benefits to health.

Oral health: Cold pressed Sesame Oil is very effective in maintaining oral health. It removes plague and fights bacterial attacks. It makes the teeth white, strong and healthy.

Improves Bone Growth: Due to the presence of copper, zinc and calcium in this oil, it provides elasticity and strength to the bones and joints. This oil maintains proper growth and development of the bones and reduces the risk of Osteoporosis (abnormal loss of bone tissues due to lack of calcium).

Boosts Blood Circulation: This oil is rich in copper compound which helps improve the circulation of blood to the organs and tissues in the body. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells (RBC).

Lowers Cholesterol Levels: The sesamol and sesamin content in cold pressed Sesame Oil helps keep cholesterol levels low. It maintains a good heart health and normalises the blood pressure level.

Treats Arthritis and Gout: Cold pressed Sesame Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which is considered to be very useful in treating Arthritis and Gout (painful inflammation of the big toe and foot). It relieves pain and swelling.

Fights Depression: This oil contains tyrosine (amino acid) compound which aids in uplifting the mood by secreting happy hormones, thus, combating depression and giving you a positive boost.

Skin Care: This oil is a rich source in zinc, which helps to reduce premature ageing symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It can also be used as a sunscreen oil to help keep skin healthy and smooth. This oil also treats fungal infection on the skin and is useful in the treatment of of cracked heels and sore feet.

Hair Care: The anti-bacterial property present in cold pressed Sesame Oil keeps the scalp and hair healthy. It nourishes the hair and improves hair growth. It strengthens the roots of the hair, thus, minimises hair loss and prevents premature greying.


Please read the directions given below for using SNAANA’s cold pressed Sesame Oil (Til Ka Tel).

Osteoarthritis (Degenerative joint disease): Heat Sesame Oil and massage the affected joint with lukewarm oil for 10-15 minutes. Massage improves the blood circulation and thus, cures Osteoarthritis gradually. It reduces the stiffness and pain associated with Osteoarthritis and is also helpful in eliminating the toxin deposition in the joints.

Asthma: Heat one tablespoon of Sesame Oil and add a pinch of salt in it. Rub gently on the chest, then cover the chest. Repeat this once daily before bed to get relief from Asthma. This oil aids in loosening the phlegm which obstructs the airways, causing difficulty in breathing.

Hair: Apply lukewarm Sesame Oil on the scalp and hair. Massage the scalp for 10 minutes. Leave it overnight, then wash with shampoo. Do this twice a week. Its moisturising property helps de-tangle frizzy hair, keeping it healthy and smooth.

Cracked Heels: Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Pat dry your feet. Take 1-2 teaspoon of Sesame Oil, mix ½ teaspoon of any carrier oil and apply on the areas of cracked heels. Massage gently for 5-10 minutes. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a week. This oil fights off harmful bacteria, repairs damaged skin cells and adds moisture to the heels.

Making of Pure Sesame oil at SNAANA

Precaution & Storage

Always do a patch/ allergy test when using the product for the first time. Keep it in a cool place, away from direct Sunlight. Never let the bottle open for long. Do not dip your fingers or get water into the product since there are no preservatives & Chemicals added to inhibit bacterial growth.

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Q1: Is sesame oil good for cooking?

Sesame oil is in tradition as cooking oil for centuries unknown. It is used to make curries and add topically to salads, dressing and chutneys. A super nutritional recipe made with sesame oil, jaggery and wheat flour to make Indian sweet pudding halwa during winters keeps the body warm and add nutrition to the body.

Q2: Does sesame oil darken skin?

No, sesame oil can not darken the skin.

Q3: What is the shelf life of sesame oil?

Sesame oil stays good for about 2 years when stored in an airtight glass bottle at room temperature.

Q4: Is this oil FSSAI approved?

Yes, Sesame oil is FSSAI approved.

Sesame Seed


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