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Kalonji  (black seed) oil is made using the old technique of cold pressing the seed. In the process, the seed expels the oil and this very oil is collected in a vessel without any loss of nutrients. SNAANA’s cold-pressed kalonji oil is best for eating and apply.

Kalonji oil is in use for centuries to treat & prevent many major and minor disorders occurring in the human body. And in the last few years the kalonji has undergone various clinical trials and has shown the potential to benefit the human body. Therefore it is also termed “The Canon of Medicine”.

Kalonji can help prevent & cure different disorders, diseases, and conditions related to the respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system kidney, liver, heart functioning, and much more.

Some of its benefits to treat the human body in day to day life could be –

Sore throat, blocked nose, Skin rash/swelling, Snoring/insomnia, Weight loss, muscular pain, etc.

At SNAANA we source kalonji seed from the farmer only to ensure quality and organic source. Seeds are cleaned, dried to relieve moisture and post that are subject to cold pressing.

For the remedies to work the best make sure to buy oil from an authentic source only. Always look for cold-pressed oil – raw & unrefined.

Click here to know more about Kalonji seed’s benefits and usage.

Benefits Vitiligo skin condition effectively


Application: – Apply and massage kalonji oil on the areas of concern a minimum of twice a day that is morning and evening.
As per the research published in PubMed in May 2019, Kalonji Oil ( Nigella Sativa) regular application for 6 months can produce visible pigment in the skin. In the research statistics, significant repigmentation was observed in hand, face, and genital regions with pigment values .005, .001, .004 respectively.

Benefits oily acne-prone skin.


Application: – Apply 1-2 drops of oil face post-cleansing, toning, and treating the active –inflamed acne. Apply for a regular 2 months to feel the results.
According to the Journal of Dermatology and dermatologic surgery – 67% of patients found satisfying results in reducing acne after 2 months of therapy.
Kalonji seed oil is non-comedogenic.

Benefits Eczema – intense dryness skin conditions

kalonji oil for weight loss | SNAANA

Application: – Apply kalonji oil on areas of concern at least twice a day for effective results.
According to a 4 weeks with twice application daily clinical study to compare the efficacy of the Kalonji seed oil, the drug Betamethasone, and drug Quercin on hand eczema cases– the kalonji oil showed rapid improvement in alleviating the severity of eczema and improving the quality of life.

Improves quality of life for auto-immune disorder-related diseases.

how to use kalonji oil | SNAANA

Application: – Apply on areas of concern twice daily. Consume 3-4 drops of oil twice daily with the meal.
Psoriasis or celiac disease is a kind of immune system malfunctioning that creates problems in the small intestine. In research, the patient was asked to withdraw from the gluten diet and consume 450 mg kalonji seed oil capsules twice daily for 1 year and it showed better results than alone withdrawing the gluten. In another report published in Pubmed, the kalonji oil can be used as an add-on topical therapy for treating psoriasis.

Protects and Keeps skin healthy

kalonji oil ke fayde | SNAANA

Application: –
Children – Apply kalonji oil mixed in coconut oil or almond oil. Take a tablespoon of kalonji oil mixed in 4 tablespoon coconut or almond oil. Massage weekly especially during winters to keep the skin concerns at bay.
Adults – Apply the oil on the body mixed with almond/coconut/hempseed/apricot in equal proportion. This oil can be used on body as regular after shower oil to treat skin rashes eczema or intense dry skin conditions.

Healthy Scalp- Healthy Hair

 kalonji oil benefits

Application: – Massage oil on the scalp and preferably keep it overnight. Wash the next with a gentle cleanser. Repeat it 2-3 times a week for a no hairfall no dandruff and itch-free scalp. In case of fungal or bacterial concerns on scalp – apply the oil on scalp after each wash as well.

Treats cold and cough

kalonji oil patanjali | SNAANA

Application: – Put a drop of the oil in nasal and this will help clear the airways. Similarly insert 1-2 droplets of oil on the tongue and slowly pass it through the neck. The peppery effect of the oil while going down through the tongue will cut the mucus and provide you immediate relief from pain and congestion. Use it after every morning and evening plus after each meal.
As per research Kalonji oil has been sufficiently understood to possess bronchodilatory properties and therefore is further called for clinical trials to develop the drug.

Making of Pure Kalonji oil at SNAANA


Always store the oil in a cool and dry place. The oil is good to use for a year from the date of cold pressing.


Add it to your cooked or raw recipes ready to eat. Do not eat/apply the oil if you are allergic to Kalonji seed. Always do a patch test when using the product for the first time to avoid unknown allergies.

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Q1: Is SNAANA Kalonji Oil is cold pressed?

Yes, it is a cold pressed oil. It can be consumed and applied.

Q2: Is SNAANA Kalonji oil fssai certified?

Yes, it is certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under the Food safety and Standards Act, 2006.

Q3: Where SNAANA manufactures its products?

SNAANA has its own cold pressing facility to make nuts and seeds cold pressed oils. Kalonji seeds are cold pressed in house to make its nutrient rich oil. In house facility unquestionably ensures the product is 100% pure – free of any kind of adulteration.

Q4: Does kalonji oil help in any kind of Allergies?

Kalonji oil is an effective anti allergy herb. It effectively treats cold cough, sore throat etc. It is always best to test a product even if it is natural as every body is unique.

Q5: Is there any side effect of using Kalonji Oil?

As per the research reports appeared in the pubmed, scopus and many other journals there is no report of any notable side effect of the oil and seed. Hence is considered further for the drug development especially for its effective hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, and bronchodilatory properties. Dyspeptic patients should avoid as it can cause bloating, nausea, burning and slight increase in kidney and liver enzymatic markers.

Q6: What is so special about Kalonji that it is used to treat multiple disorders in human body?

Kalonji is a well known medicinal seed all over the world. Due to the presence of natural nutrients like thymoquinone, thymol, (alkaloids)nigellicine, carvacrol, alpha-hederin, flavonoids, proteins and many more it can treat various parts of the body and improve the body functioning.

Q7: Is kalonji oil good for hair?

Yes Kalonji oil application on scalp can treat the root cause of hair fall. On a regular application it can revive the dead follicles. Hair loss is usually due to bacterial, fungal or dandruff-dryness related concerns on scalp.

Q8: Does kalonji oil treat acne?

Kalonji oil has many pharmacological effects like anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, wound healing hence help acne vulgaris, skin cancer, pigmentation etc. It is non-comedogenic.

Kalonji Seed

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    Pronita Majumdar

    I regularly use this snaana kalonji oil and found it best black seed oil in market. Tried many other brands for the same but this one works best. And Snaana never comporomise with quality this is 100% natural & pure

    March 17, 2021
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    Pooja Prashanth

    Using this black seed kalonji oil since last few months for my medication and quality is too good. thanks snaana for this wonderful product

    February 21, 2021
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    Srikanta Pathak

    This is 100% natural & pure. thanks snaana for this pure kalonji oil it is super beneficial

    January 3, 2021
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    Shital kothari

    In love with this amazing product. It’s quality is amazing. It is good for hair fall and lessening grey hair.

    November 7, 2020

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