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SNAANA’s Gotu Kola Oil is an organic oil that is extracted from Centella or Asiatic Pennywort Seeds of the Apiaceae plant family through a cold-pressed method. This oil is 100% pure. No chemicals or preservatives are added during the process.

At SNAANA we cold-pressed the Brahmi seeds and a kilogram of seeds gives about 15 grams of cold-pressed oil only.

Gotu Kola is a small perennial herbaceous plant from the wetlands of Asia having remarkable effects on the body. Popularly known as ‘Brahmi’ oil in India, its use in cooking and medicine has been in existence for centuries. Brahmi is a herb that is commonly used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. This oil is highly effective in reducing inflammation, decreasing blood pressure, healing wounds, and enhancing skin and hair health, to name a few.


Gotu kola oil skin Benefits

Gotu Kola oil is rich in anti-oxidants and contains saponins (glucose) which improves the appearance of the skin. It inhibits the accumulation of scar tissue, which helps keep your skin beautiful, even after an injury or surgery. It also reduces wrinkles, blemishes, and signs of aging.

Heals Wounds: Saponins and other organic compounds found in Brahmi Oil stimulates the healing process at the site of wounds. Thus, stimulating blood flow to the cells and protecting against infections, can rapidly speed the healing process.

Improves Blood Circulation: Gotu Kola oil protects and strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, which prevents blood leakage and optimizes the circulatory system. It stimulates the flow of blood, which increases oxygenation in different parts of the body and important organ systems. This also alleviates problems caused due to poor blood circulation such as swelling, heaviness in the leg, and pain.

Prevents Thrombosis: Gotu Kola oil helps prevent blood clotting and, as a herbal remedy, may aid in alleviating the symptoms of thrombosis, which is defined as blood clotting in the blood vessels.

Relieves Psoriasis Symptoms: Brahmi oil can inhibit skin cell reproduction and it can be used as a herbal aid in preventing relief from symptoms of psoriasis, which is a hyper-proliferation skin disorder.

Reduces Inflammation: Gotu Kola oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which fight bacterial infections. It also helps in reducing swelling and pain caused by inflammation.

Stomach Ulcers: Asiaticoside present in the Gotu Kola oil acts as an anti-gastric ulcer drug. It increases cell healing and reduces ulcers in the stomach.

Anxiety and Depression: Gotu Kola can have a positive effect on conditions like anxiety and depression as it lowers the stress hormone called cortisol and increases serotonin and dopamine levels. It effectively decreases the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks and signs of depression.

Boosts Cognition: The anti-oxidants in Gotu Kola oil have a positive impact on the circulatory system, which stimulates the neural pathways, oxygenates the brain, and improves cognition. Thus, giving the brain more functionality.

Prevents Nervous Disorders: Brahmi oil has an anxiolytic activity that calms down the nervous system and helps relieve stress, induce sleep, and enhance mood.

Regulates Blood Pressure: Brahmi oil helps regulate blood pressure and reduce strain on the cardiovascular system. This protects the heart and prevents heart stroke.

How to use cold-pressed Gotu Kola Oil

Gotu kola oil is making a come back as a key ingredient in natural skincare products be it sunscreen, face oil, or aging control-related product.

The oil should be used by individuals in their 60”s & beyond. It has the ability to provide relief from intense dryness and work on age spots, scars & damaged tissues. The oil aids in keeping the skin healthy with its rich phytonutrients.

SNAANA Brahmi oil should be diluted in not less than equal proportion with jojoba oil for its application on the face & the body.

One can add 1-2 drops of Gotu kola oil to their face oil/cream and body oil/cream. Brahmi oil can be applied to the skin to reduce scars, including stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

Applying Brahmi oil on the affected skin might help reduce symptoms of psoriasis.

Take 3-4 drops of Brahmi oil and apply it on the scalp. Massage for 10-15 minutes. Wash hair with shampoo. Repeat this once a day to prevent hair loss.

Take 2-3 drops of Brahmi oil and massage the body. Do this once daily to get rid of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Making of Pure Gotu Kola oil at SNAANA


Always store the oil in a cool and dry place. The oil is good to use for a year from the date of cold pressing.


We suggest you do a patch test before using it as a regular product.

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Q1: Is gotu kola good for skin?

Gotu kola – the tiny seeds are super topical food for dry mature – aging skin. It soothes and softens the skin , heals the wounds, reduces formation of scars, treats dryness and bring the glow to the skin.

Q2: Does gotu kola raise blood pressure?

Gotu kola helps in dealing with anxiety but its efficacy on raising blood pressure in the body is not reportedly known.

Q3: Does gotu kola help hair growth?

Gotu kola can help with reducing hair fall only if the hair fall is due to excessive dryness, itch kind of skin conditions. Oily scalp complaining hair fall may not find gotu kola very promising.

Q4: What is the shelf life of SNAANA’s Gotu Kola Oil?

Gotu kola oil is good to use for about a year since cold pressed.

Q5: Is this glass bottle?

SNAANA gotu kola oil is bottled in a glass bottle. SNAANA is an environment conscious brand and understands the side effects of storing a product in a plastic container.

Gotu Kola Seed

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    This snaana Gotu kola oil is so good and effective

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    This oil help me to reduces stress and anxity. and improve the sleeping pattern

    December 18, 2020
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    This oil is amazing

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