Snaana Gift Health Pack - Rose Water & Goat Milk Soap With Luxurious Packing


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Exquisite handcrafted wooden box featuring a Goat Milk soap in a raw sheesham case to moisturize & nourish the skin and a Steam distilled Rose water that calms the senses and relaxes the body.

A Wooden box that contains the two products comes in black colour and golden colour. This box can be used at home/office to keep/store valuable.

This gift pack includes 2 products


Baby Goat milk soaps are very mild, soothing and moisturizing for baby skin, a choice of every conscious mom. This natural handmade soap rich in butter seals in moisture and helps relieve irritation caused due to baby eczema.

  • Relieve dryness
  • Soothe irritated skin conditions
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-itch properties
  • Keeps scalp and hair soft and nourished.


Rosewater (or Gulab Jal) has been an elixir since ancient times and till date; we all know the countless benefits of it. It is a time-tested by-product of rose essential oil which is extracted directly from the rose petals and gives you Cleopatra’s beauty. In earlier times, people used the steam distilled method to extract rose water and that was and is still considered as the best method for 100% natural rose water as this method helps in retaining the nutrient quotient of petals. To get the best quality of water, the roses are plucked early in the morning before sunrise as that is when they are most nutritious. This process also removes the impurities, bacteria and any other kind of contamination, giving the rosewater a shelf life of 2 years (if stored well). 


At SNAANA, we don’t believe

  • In using Chemicals & preservatives at all.
  • In hiding ingredients of the products.
  • In using plastic jars & bottles.

Have You Ever Thought of Drinking Rose Water – Your Face Toner?


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