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Neem is full of medicinal properties that tone the human body in all aspects from being a blood purifier to skin toner. In Ayurveda neem is known as Azadirachta Indica. It’s an incredible plant declared as the “Tree of 21st century “by the united nations.
SNAANA prepares Organic Neem water -Ark through the traditional technique of steam distillation which results in potent water with water-soluble nutrients of neem leaf.


  • Skin rash – Any rash on the skin because of heat, insect bite, fungal infection – Just spray/mist the neem hydrosol 3 times a day to heal and relieve itch.
  • Acne –Drink 1 tablespoon of neem hydrosol every day in the morning to purify the blood. And Mist the acne area after wash every morning and evening for quick heal. Neem is astringent and antiseptic in nature.
  • Eczema- The water acts as a tonic and facilitates heal & nourish effects on the skin. Mist the dry patch with neem hydrosol followed by application of the oil.
  • Chickenpox – The neem water helps relieve itch & lightens the marks. Add 3 tablespoon of neem hydrosol to bath water and take shower. Mist the rashes followed by application of oil
  • Itching – Mist the area of concern 3-4 times a day and apply cream or oil to relieve of itch.
  • Dental Concerns – Spray the hydrosol in the mouth, keep the liquid inside the mouth for at least 1 minute. Do not rinse with plain water.
  • Sore throat – Take a tablespoon of neem hydrosol and gargle for 30 seconds. Do not drink plain water on it. Do it 2-3 times a day and especially after the meal.
  • Hair fall/dandruff – Take neem hydrosol and mist the scalp after the hair washes preferable after combing the hair. This will remove dandruff which is the major cause of hair fall and strengthen them.
  • Blood purifier – Take a tablespoon of neem hydrosol and drink every morning diluted in a glass of water. Drink for a month during the season change. This will improve the defense mechanism in the body making the body less prone to sickness.
  • Immunity Booster – Neem leaves along with neem flowers are excellent immunity boosters. Neem hydrosol distilled during the months of May- June is a mix of both neem flower and leaves distillation. Mix 1 tablespoon of this hydrosol and a tablespoon of honey and drink it with a glass of water.
  • Fungal Infection – For any fungal infections in foot nails etc. Apply neem hydrosol followed by neem cold-pressed oil.
  • Vitiligo – 3 tablespoon of neem hydrosol with a glass of water for 3 months may start producing pigment to the skin.


Add about 1-2 teaspoon or 10 -15 drops to a cup of warm/cool water or drink. And enjoy the nutrient-rich healthy tea. Neem leaf is water-soluble nutrient-rich water of neem leaves. This simple, quick, and convenient way of making tea help stick to the regular routine of drinking Neem tea at home and while you are on a trip.


The steam distilled water of Neem leaf only.


It takes a handful of neem leaves to produce a drop of neem water. Purely an ancient technique called steam distillation is practiced to ensure zero chemicals and zero preservatives are used. Pure steam distilled water is best preferred to eat and apply for the desired benefits.
Neem is cool in nature and has a bitter taste so is the hydrosol. Neem leaves are sourced from villages after seeking the permission of the gram sarpanch.


Use it to make Neem leaf green tea.
Use it as medicine same dosage as mentioned in green tea 3-4 times a day or as suggested against each remedy. Use it regularly/religiously depending upon the need to seek relief.
Use it as an ingredient in your face toner and use it on the skin after a proper cleanse every morning and evening to fill the skin pores. This helps in tightening the skin pores making the skin firm. Neem leaf is suitable for all skin types including oily acne-prone skin, fungal skin concerns in all age groups.

Care for the

Use the product within 2 months of opening the pack. Use it regularly to feel the benefits of using the Neem leaf water.
Apart from the amber color mist bottle – keep other sized bottles in the refrigerator. Always close the lid tight immediately after use as the product is 100% free from chemicals and preservatives hence proper care is needed


Please do not use the product if you are allergic to Neem. Though the product is absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you to do a patch/intake test before using it as a regular product.

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Q1: Can neem juice cure diabetes?

Neem may help control blood sugar level when consumed regularly through intake of juice or chewing a bunch of leaves, as per studies published in different journals. Although experts are in favour of the herb benefit however some more studies are needed to validate the claim. Many doctors and dietician suggests intake of neem, karela, jamun and methi juice or powder before each meal to naturally control the sugar levels.

Q2: Do neem leaves cure cancer?

Neem is referred to as “sarva roga nivarini” because of multiple benefits the herbs bring to the human body. Phytochemicals in herbs like neem are studied in the area of prevention and treatment of cancer and have been widely proved efficient by many authors. These natural herbs as treatment also do not lead to any side effects.

Q3: What is the Scientific name of Neem?

Neem is known as Azadirachta indica.

Q4: Does neem water reduce knee pain?

Neem oil massage can help overcome the stiffness and inflammation in tissues thereby relieving the knee or joint aches. Intake of neem leaves & neem oil massage can provide holistic healing in swelling, stiffness and aches.

Neem Leaf

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