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Best hand and feet cream to heal, soothes and nourish cracked heels, peeling skin and brittle nails. Super effective and luxurious treatment for hand & feet with unique blend of oils, butters and essential oils. The cream makes the skin soft within few days of its regular usage only.

SNAANA Hand & Feet cream benefits

  • Cracked heels – rough and thick skin of the feet. Hollow splits in the skin of the heels
  • Chapped hands – dryness in hand, peeling skin
  • Brittle nails – weak and easy to break

Product Ingredients

Shea Butter, Beeswax, Mango Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba OilAlmond Oil infused with Nettle, Bay leaves & Acacia Nilotica; Watermelon Seed Oil and Essential Oils of Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Palmarosa, Peppermint & Black Pepper.

Product Description

  • A truly chemical-free blend of butters, cold pressed oils and essential oil that makes it super effective care for the hands, nails and the feet.
  • Each ingredient chosen is vital for the skin repair and upkeep.
  • A time tested product.
  • 100% free from chemicals and preservatives.
  • Made with Edible oils and Essential oils.


Always apply on clean moist hands and feet every morning and before going to bed. Take a thick layer of this cream and gently massage on your cracked heels and hands for desired results.

For the cream to work best – always mix little water say about a table spoon to the cream on the palm of your hand and apply. Water helps cream to sink into the skin to aid quick heal. Do not add water to the jar.

SNAANA creams may melt during summers with rise in temperature and freeze in winter with dip in temperature only because there is no addition of any stabilizers that maintain the consistency of the product throughout the year with temperature variations. Our products are completely free from chemicals/synthetics and preservatives. Natural products do not contain these synthetics hence are affected by weather but their quality very much remains intact.

Care for the product

Handle the jar with care as it is made up of glass. Natural products may go bad in short time when stored in plastic. Amber colour bottle is a natural shield to prevent damage from light and sun.

Keep the product in a cool place. Avoid any contamination to the product.


Please read the ingredients to avoid any known allergies that you may have. Though the product is absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you to do a patch test before using it as a regular product.


Q1: How to treat rough palms and brittle nails?

Prolonged exposure to water, multiple times hand washing, utensil cleaning often are the reason behind rough skin and brittle nails. The roughness occurs due to loss of moisture from the skin. Hence it is important to apply a rich buttery cream rich with Vitamin e, Lanolin to bring the lost smoothness to the skin. SNAANA hand and feet cream is formulated with oleic rich oils topped up with therapeutic essential oils to heal, repair and soften the hands and nails.

Q2: How to find the best hand and feet cream?

Make it a thumb rule to always look for a pure, chemical and preservative free product while choosing a cream or any other skin application product. Read ingredients to gauge the product composition and if you find the ingredients are familiar and there is no chemical – you can buy the product. A good hand and feet cream on regular application will start showing up the results in 2-3 days only with reduced cracks and roughness and over all better feel.

Q3: How can I make my hands feel and look softer overnight?

It is no certainty that a single day care and application can make the skin feel and look softer however on a regular application of SNAANA hand and feet cream for 5-7 days – a visible improved can be observed.

Q4: How to heal cracked painful skin around fingernails?

Soak the hand and fingers for 10 minutes in a warm water tub with Salt added to it. Post this pat dry hand and immediately apply SNAANA hand and feet cream around the nail ridges, fingers and all over the palm. Massage gently for 2 minutes. Do it every day especially at bedtime. Always apply the cream on moist/damp skin.

Q5: How to treat damaged cuticles and stop peeling skin?

Take body scrub or SNAANA staple bath. Prefer a powder cleanser to scrub the skin to remove the dead cells. Post this, apply 1-2 drops of essential oil mixed in a pea size of SNAANA hand and feet cream all over the nails and cuticles. Do this at the bedtime. Do not wash hands with soap after this.

Q6: Is SNAANA hand and feet cream natural and organic?

SNAANA hand and feet cream is a pure blend of cold pressed butters and oils and steam distilled essential oils only. The product is completely free from chemicals and preservatives. The ingredients are sourced from certified suppliers and Cold pressed and steam distilled to produce pure adulteration free ingredients.

Q7: How often should this cream be applied?

Apply the cream every morning and evening for best results. Apply a pea size on hands 2-3 times a day after hand wash.

Q8: What are the benefits of using All-purpose hand and feet cream?

All purpose hand and feet cream heals cracked heels, soften skin and brighten the hands. It is total nourishment to the hands and feet that keep the skin hydrated and free from dryness.


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