Steam Distilled Essential Oil of Marjoram


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Marjoram also called marwa in india is steam distilled from fresh marjoram leaves and stems. Highly aromatic marjoram with sweet -pungent taste is rich in nutrients like magnesium & beta carotene is best used to treat poor blood circulation and indigestion.

At SNAANA we in-house cultivate the herb to steam distill the essential oil.


Marjoram is used to heal following conditions

  • Skin disorders like acne, rashes, whiteheads etc.
  • Asthma – helps expectorate difficult cough thereby providing ease in breathing.
  • Tennis elbow
  • Helps in bloating, indigestion, nausea and relaxes the abdominal muscles.
  • Highly sedative and very calming
  • Lowers the Libido therefore highly effective in treating Nymphomania.

Since we steam distill essential oils in-house so we do have each of herbs ark/hydro-sol/steam distilled water also available. Hydro-sols can also be consumed and applied for desired results.


Always dilute essential oils and use. Always use essential oils under guidance. For this you can always consult us through email. Send your concerns and queries on essential oil on


A drop of essential oil is extracted from more than 100 leaves therefore these are very powerful and concentrated oil and hence should always be used under proper guidance. Doses of essential oils vary for prevention and cure and also depend on the age, body constitution and health of individual. For any further information that you may need, please contact us.


Q1: What is marjoram essential oil used for?

Marjoram essential oil is like a whole body antibiotic. The herb can treat cold, cough, fever, pain as it is analgesic, circulatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, expectorant, digestive and calming.

Q2: How to use Marjoram essential oil?

Add a drop of essential oil to ½-1 teaspoon of cold pressed oil and consume with meal. Always use essential oils under the guidance of practitioner.

Q3: Does Marjoram essential oil help with insomnia?

Marjoram essential oil may help in inducing sleep.

Q4: How to use Marjoram essential oil on the skin?

Marjoram essential oil is good to apply on oily skin hence dilute the marjoram essential oil in cold pressed oil like jojoba. Add about 10 drops of essential oil in 4 table spoon of jojoba oil. Apply the blend on skin after a thorough face cleanse.



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