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What it is:- Face moisturizing oil for grandma-pa or skin in the 60’s and beyond. Light & quick to absorb oil is a topical food for dry aging skin (skin with low sebum producing ability usually experienced in older age)


  1. Highly moisturizing and hydrating for intense dry skin often experienced beyond 60’s
  2. Provide relief from intense dryness, itch, inflammation and rash
  3. Improves the skin texture, appearance making it smooth, soft and clear.
  4. Long last moisturisation & improved elasticity
  5. Stimulates cell regeneration, improves circulation and diminishes age spots
  6. 100% chemical & preservative free

Suitable for:-Regular skin support face oil for use in 60’s and beyond

Tonic for:- Dark spots, dullness, uneven texture & dryness


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SNAANA GOTU KOLA-CARROT Face Oil is light non-greasy face oil made with seed oils with essential oils to produce new cells that heal the skin, remove various age signs on the skin such as wrinkles, dry skin, loose skin, blemishes, & Dark Circles. It overall slows the effects of aging. The natural light texture quick to absorb oil is a topical food for skin that stimulates cell regeneration, improves circulation and firms mature skin texture.

Quantity – 30ml

Shelf Life – 12 Months

Suitability – Suitable for intense dry skin (skin with low sebum producing ability often experienced in old age)

Place of Origin – Uttarakhand/India

Toxicity –  100% Chemicals & Preservative free

Quality standards – Made safe –Dermatologically tested Organic Certified produce

Key features

  • 100% Natural make
  • Paraben/ Sulphate Free -100% Chemical & Preservative free
  • No Added Fragrance Or Perfume
  • Age & skin type Customized skincare product
  • Made for dry & intense dry skin


Pomegranate oil, Watermelon Seed oil, Cucumber seed oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot Seed oil, Gotu Kola Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Coriander Essential Oil, Orange Essential oil, Peppermint Essential Oil.

Transparency incomplete ingredient disclosure is our founding principle.

Ingredient Description

  • Cold Pressed Carrot seed oil is a good skin toning and tightening agent. It can be used to minimize large pores and tighten up sagging skin. Rich in carotene & Vitamin A helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles,
  • Virgin Cold pressed Watermelon seed oil has a high linoleic and oleic acid content, which make it potent in fighting wrinkles and premature aging – making skin smooth and elastic.
  • Cold-pressed Gotu Kola (Centellaasiatica) is rich in amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids, and numerous potent phytochemicals. Extracts have been found to calm inflammation, speed wound healing, stimulate new cell growth, build collagen, and improve circulation.


Take 1-2 drops, apply on face. Massage for a few seconds till it is fully absorbed.

For quick effective results apply everyday bedtime after cleansing and toning on the face for prevention and cure. If your skin feels “right” and looks supple, dewy, rested, not overly shiny, and the oil absorbs well, then you’re on the right track! When applied to the skin, the oil should absorb completely. If it just sits on top of your skin, looks patchy, doesn’t sink in very well, or makes your face look even shinier than before, then reduce the quantity of the oil for application.

Also if your skin is dehydrated meaning your pores look long and stretched then you need to be patient. Dehydrated skin will not fully allow an oil to sink in for some time until the skin layer is restored. Exfoliate twice a week and massage Mist and oil together to help skin bring back lost hydrated texture.

Care for the product

Handle the bottle with care as it is made up of glass. Natural products may go bad in a short time when stored in plastic. Amber colour bottle is a natural shield to prevent damage from light and sun.

Keep the product in a cool place. Avoid any contamination to the product.


Please read the ingredients to avoid any known allergies that you may have. Though the product is absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you to do a patch test before using it as a regular product.


Q1: What makes SNAANA face oil for mature skin so effective?

The unique nutrient-rich synthetic-free ingredients blend makes it super effective to produce new cells that heal the skin, remove various age signs on the skin such as wrinkles, dry skin, loose skin, blemishes, & Dark Circles. It overall slows the effects of aging.

Q2: How to use the face oil for age spots, marks, and pigmentation?

Use it regularly at bedtime. Wash your face, take 2-3 drops of this oil and gently massage on your moist face and neck in an upward direction until fully absorbed. A few drops of this oil are sufficient for one-time application on moist face.

Q3: Why watermelon seed oil is used in Grand ma-pa face oil?

Virgin Cold pressed Watermelon seed oil has a high linoleic and oleic acid content, which makes it potent in fighting wrinkles and premature aging – making skin smooth and elastic.

Q4: Can anyone use the Grand ma-pa face oil?

No, we suggest using face oil for individuals in the 60’s and above.

Q5: Is the face oil truly chemical-free?

Yes, the face oil is completely free from chemicals/synthetics and preservatives.

Q6: Which are the major ingredients in your face oil & why?

SNAANA oils are the blends of cold pressed nuts and seeds oils topped up with steam distilled essential oils. The face oils are completely free from all chemicals and preservatives that you often find in other brands like mineral oil, parabens, silicones- petroleum-derived ingredients, multiple stages chemically treated ingredients, fragrance/perfumes etc. We strongly believe that our body responds much better and faster to natural plant ingredients than why make use of synthetics. Also it’s good to go safe with edible and time-tested ingredients and SNAANA delivers this promise without compromise. Here’s how

Q7. My Grandmother has eczema, will it work on it?

Yes, SNAANA Gotu kola face oil for elderly is a combination of different natural oleic rich oil blended with essential oils that are indeed the pran of a plant in a bottle- a life force that heals, repairs and keeps the skin moisturized. The oil will help ease intense dry and eczema related conditions. 

Q8. Does it work on wrinkled skin and premature ageing?

Premature ageing is the result of deficient sebum production in the skin by the body that in turn affects the ability of the skin to hold itself firm. Hence a topical oil feeds on a damp skin in regular works effectively in overcoming the deficiency making skin firm, toned and vibrant. But make sure to use only on a skin not prone to acne pimples/white heads etc. Here’s how and why you should choose face oil as per your age and skin type to suit your skin the best?

17 reviews for GOTU KOLA-CARROT Face Oil

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Reviewed by 17 customer(s)

  • Avatar

    Deepali kotwal


    Worth buying this face oil.

    August 8, 2022
  • Avatar



    It gives glow to the the skin, it does what it claims.

    June 15, 2022
  • Avatar


    I have purchased it 2 times it superb products. Lov the product. ❤️❤️

    June 8, 2022
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    i love how its non- greasy in nature, this Carrot Face Oil is amazing

    May 30, 2022
  • Avatar

    deepali kapoor

    I’m sure that I haven’t seen the full results yet, but so far so good.

    May 24, 2022
  • Avatar


    I have been using this every night for about 2 weeks now. I can definitely tell a difference in the moisture of my skin when i wake up.

    May 9, 2022
  • Avatar


    My skin feels soft and moisturized without feeling oily. I use this in my nighttime skincare routine and by morning I have glowing radiant skin.

    April 29, 2022
  • Avatar


    Awesome, Works great on skin texture, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, blemishes and more. awesome stuff. Just wish I knew about this before.

    April 25, 2022
  • Avatar


    I have very sensitive skin so I am very picky about what I apply to my face. After reading and researching the ingredients, I decided to give it a try. This stuff is AMAZING and I am completely addicted.

    April 16, 2022
  • Avatar

    Shalwi Sinha

    excellent oil

    excellent oil and not only helpful for my skin but very healthy. Nice

    January 21, 2022

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Q & A

I have acne prone skin and much dryness too. Will it work on both types of skin? My age is 35. Trisha dasgupta asked on January 27, 2022

No, an oily acne prone skin needs an oily skin care product to even overcome dryness. Hence go for Black cumin Rosemary face oil for oily acne prone skin. Buying a dry skin care product to ease dryness of an acne pimple prone skin may aggravate the acne pimples. Hence always buy non- comedogenic products.

SNAANA answered on January 27, 2022 store manager
(1) (0)
Apart from any face oil, can i use a single oil for dry skin and which oil snaana suggest to me the best? Disanta ojah asked on January 27, 2022

Yes, please choose the oil as per your skin type.
Oily, acne pimple prone skin - Jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, watermelon seed oil
Dry skin - Apricot kernel oil, Almond OIl, Walnut oil, Gotu kola oil
Combination skin - Hemp Seed oil, Cucumber seed oil, Jojoba oil
These oils can be the oil for all your skin & scalp moisturizing needs. Use them after the bath on a moist body to relieve itch and stay moisturized all day long. Masse the hair and scalp and maintain a good healthy hair.

SNAANA answered on January 27, 2022 store manager
(1) (0)
How does snaana dry skin Gotukola face oil different from other face oil/serum in the market? Anubhuti jain asked on January 27, 2022

SNAANA dry skin gotu kola is a simple blend of multiple herbs, nuts & seeds oils that are vital for skin. Face serums are also a blend of oils but also contain chemicals that make it watery and gel-like to lure customers that the serums are light and quick to absorb while oils do not. SNAANA gotu kola face oil is 100% chemical and preservative free while serums do contain chemicals- stabilizers, emulsifiers and much more. In other words, SNAANA bottles contain only the skin vital oil blend like gotu kola, jojoba, hempseed, carrot, black cumin, rosemary, lavender etc while these ingredients labeled to lure you are in fact little to negligible in quantity in face serums.

SNAANA answered on January 27, 2022 store manager
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Which Face oil is best for extremely dry skin? Bhawna Sethi asked on January 4, 2022

Dryness is a common condition in all skin types occurring regularly or occasionally. Hence do not buy an oil to rest the dryness as oils made for dry skin can be problematic for oily skin with acne pimples experiencing occasional dryness.

For oily acne prone skin use - Hemp Seed oil, Watermelon seed oil, Jojoba oil and can try SNAANA Black cumin face oil which works exceptional in providing holistic face care.
For Dry skin - use oils like apricot kernel oil, hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and of course the SNAANA Carrot Hemp Seed face oil for dry skin.
For normal skin that usually is stable needs a basic moisturizing and oils like hempseed, cucumber seed, jojoba etc. can work really well.

SNAANA answered on January 4, 2022 store manager
(2) (0)
Which oil is best for anti-aging? Will SNAANA Grand Ma-Pa Face oil be good for my grandmother’s dry skin. Anuradha Chatterjee asked on December 13, 2021

We should feed our skin with healthy oils to keep them moisturized, healthy and delay the signs of ageing. Although our body produces oil/sebum for the skin but with the kind of environment we live in exposed to varied temperature, dirt and pollution, pesticides in food etc, a topical oil or cream application becomes a must. Use oils that we eat in our daily lives like watermelon seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, hemp seed oil etc. to name a few.
Yes, SNAANA face oils for different age groups are ready to use oils blends that certainly help in overcoming dryness/dullness, scars and spots and work to give long-lasting moisturisation.

SNAANA answered on December 16, 2021 store manager
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