Goat Milk Soap - Marigold-Thyme Soap For Eczema/Psoriasis


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Eczema-Psoriasis prone skin has special needs and requires gentle dead skin cells removers (Eczema/Psoriasis soap cleanser) along with soothing and moisture-retaining ingredients to soothe your skin.

Benefits of Eczema-Psoriasis cleanser

Rich moisturizing natural soap cleanses the skin gently. Specially formulated with rich butter, herbs and cold-pressed Psoralea oil to heal and soothe the condition.

  1. 100% chemical & preservative-free.
  2. Free from steroids and synthetics.
  3. Gentle cleanser – Best suitable for intensely dry skin
  4. Face, hair & body cleansing soap.

Helps to control Eczema-psoriasis skin condition caused by an autoimmune disorder, stress, climatic conditions or regular exposure to chemical-based products.


Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Karanje Oil, Goat Milk, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Babchi Oil, Chaul Mogra Oil, Shikakai, Marigold, Bittergourd Peel, Distilled Water and NaOH*.

Note: *Used during the saponification process to turn oil into soap. No chemicals remain in the finished product. All ‘Real Soaps’ are made with saponified oils only).

The ingredients used in the making of the Psoriasis soap are cold-pressed oils, steam distilled essential oils and herb-infused oils useful in this very condition.

The pure ingredients and apt composition with no usage of any petroleum or other synthetic ingredient make it truly an Ayurved-derived recipe highly effective in controlling the skin condition.


Take the soap bar in your hand and rub it on your hair, scalp, and body to create lather. Rinse with normal water.

Care for the Product

Always keep soap in a well-drained soap tray to last long. Never let your soap sit in a pool of water. It is a REAL soap and does not contain any hardening agent to save it from dissolving while in the water.


Avoid contact with eyes as the soap does not contain any numbing or desensitizing agent to soothe the eyes. These tear-free soaps have bad side effects on human eyes.

Please read the label to avoid known allergies, if any. We provide complete ingredients disclosure on the product in common parlance for an easy understanding of our customers. We recommend a patch test when using the product for the first time for any unknown allergies

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  • Avatar

    Shreya Rajput

    Amazing product

    May 7, 2021
  • Avatar

    Mr. Raghunandan

    I’ve been suffering with eczema for 3 years. I had it all over my body, legs, arms, hands and now my face and scalp. Since using this snaana Marigold-Thyme Soap it has helped me controlling my eczema to the point where people noticed the change on my skin. So thanks to the maker of this soap.

    April 24, 2021
  • Avatar

    Nanigopal Mahata

    It is the best natural product that i am using for eczema

    March 27, 2021
  • Avatar

    Simran Kapoor

    Its the best bar soap I have ever tried in my life highly effective

    January 17, 2021

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