Goat Milk Soap - Charcoal Soap with White Willow Bark for Oily Skin


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Best natural salicylic face & body cleanser for oily & acne pimple-prone skin. The AHA & BHA rich soap help prevent breakouts, reduce blemishes & improve skin appearance.

Goat milk Charcoal Soap  Benefits:

  • Best gentle and healthy oily & acne- pimple face cleanser
  • Reduces cystic & non-cystic acnes and pimples drastically
  • Balances the skin microbiome and keep it healthy
  • Lightens acne pimple scars/marks & improve the skin appearances
  • 100% Natural – handmade with traditional technique
  • Made for Adult oily skin with skin vital essentials needed in this age.
  • No chemicals & No preservatives at all

Quantity – 90g

Shelf life – 12 Months

Suitability –  Best suitable for oily & acne pimple-prone skin

Place of Origin – Uttarakhand/India

Toxicity – 100% Chemicals & Preservative free

Quality Standards – Made safe –Dermatologically tested Organic Certified produce

Key Features:

  • 100% Natural make
  • Paraben/ Sulphate Free ( Free from all synthetic )
  • No Added Fragrance Or Perfume
  • Unique natural aromatic Blend of essential oils for long last protection
  • Age & skin type Customized skincare product
  • The unique natural composition of herbs & seeds – oils & butter to cater to teenage dryness.

 The COMBINATION OF AHA & BHA can make a world of difference in one’s skin. Here the naturally derived AHA from Goat milk & BHA from White Willow bark work super effective to treat and prevent the oily skin symptoms.

Although our skin naturally sheds dead skin. While going through the midlife changes, the dead skin shedding process may slow down giving us dry, dull flaky skin, clogged, bumps, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, wrinkles. In other words without the natural shedding of dead skin, the unshed skin provides the right space for bacteria to thrive making skin really bad.

Here AHA works on the surface of the skin enhancing natural moisturizing factors within the skin. While BHA works both on and inside the pores lining where the clog begins as it has the ability to dissolve the oil (overproduced skin sebum) giving one a clog-free skin. No clogs, no acnes, no inflammation. Therefore white willow, a natural salicylic, is considered a natural anti-inflammatory.


Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Neem Tree Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Basil Essential Oil, Charcoal, White Willow Bark Powder, Goat Milk, NaOH*

*NaOH is Used during the saponification process to turn oil into soap. No chemicals remain in the finished product. All ‘Real Soaps’ are made with saponified oils only.”

Ingredients Description

Goat Milk –Unprocessed Raw Goat Milk from the farm contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which helps to loosen or remove dead cells from your skin’s surface. AHAs are more effective than abrasive exfoliants like scrub or cloth. Regular usage helps keep your complexion naturally bright by preventing a buildup of dead skin cells that dull your skin.

Charcoal – Charcoal has high absorbing power that helps draw oil, dirt, toxins from the skin that helps skin pores breathe easily giving us healthy skin.

White Willow –White Willow is naturally high on Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid) which makes it antibacterial and astringent that helps cure acne, Scars, exfoliates the skin, and treats blemishes. The deficiency of Salicylic acid causes acne, oily skin, and blemishes.

Hemp Seed – Hemp seed oil prevents the early signs of aging like fine lines, age spots & Wrinkles, scarring. It penetrates deep into the skin cell, improves the circulation of blood, unclogs the skin pores, and revitalizes the skin making skin appear even and firm.


Apply the soap on the wet face. Massage it on the skin and rinse it off with cool water. Use it like any other face wash/face cleanser twice a day every morning and evening.

Use it on your body like any other cleansing soap while taking shower.

Note – White willow intake is usually not advisable during pregnancy and therefore oral or topical medication/product containing white willow or salicylic acid. In case you’re an expecting mother with oily acne pimple prone skin, use this goat milk soap. 

1 –What is white willow bark good for?

White willow bark is a natural god gifted aspirin to us. It contains salicylate glycoside that helps ease inflammation & pain. Whit willow can work to ease pain, fever, allergy, body aches etc. It is helpful in skin care to heal acne pimples, cuts, wounds and burns. It is analgesic, astringent and even cool in nature.

2- What does willow bark do for skin?

Willow bark is super effective in soothing, healing and preventing oily skin concerns like cystic & non-cystic acne, deep rooted pimples, white heads & black heads. The natural salicylic & tannins rich white willow is helpful for skin disorders like eczema, tinea versicolor etc.

3- Is white willow bark anti-inflammatory?

Yes, white willow bark is very much anti-inflammatory. The herb gives relief from pain, redness, itch, sores, ulcers etc.

4- Is it safe to take white willow bark daily?

Yes, It is safe to take white willow bark daily in the dose as prescribed by a healthy care specialist. Excessive intake of white willow or any herb is not good for the body.

Care for the Product

Always keep soap in a well-drained soap tray to last long. Never let your soap sit in a pool of water. It is a REAL soap and does not contain any hardening agent to save it from dissolving while in the water.


Avoid contact with eyes as the soap does not contain any numbing or desensitizing agent to soothe the eyes. Wash eyes with running water if soap enters the eyes. The tear free soaps have bad side effects on human eyes. Please read the label to avoid known allergies, if any.

We provide complete ingredients disclosure on product in common parlance for easy understanding of our customer. We recommend a patch test when using the product for the first time for any unknown allergies.


Take charge of your skin by following the hygiene-related listed points and put a smile back on your face. Many individuals do not really have acne/pimple-prone skin, it is just the chemical-based products like sulfates, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, etc. that clogs the skin pore making the pore environment conducive for bacterial growth.

  • Use a fresh towel each time you wash your face to dab dry the skin.
  • Always use normal to cool temperature water for washing the face.
  • Don’t share make-up. Wash or replace make-up accessories often.
  • Change your pillow cover every day.
  • Do not touch your face often. Ensure that hands are clean before you touch facial skin.
  • Make sure that your hair does not touch your facial skin often. Keep hair open on days you have rinsed them.
  •  For breakouts it is very important to Follow cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and exfoliation as a regular morning-evening routine to get rid of acne, pimples completely.


Q.1: How does White Willow Bark help with oily skin?

White willow bark is naturally rich with salicylic acid which helps inflamed skin, cuts, wounds heal faster. White willow bark powder heals calms the skin, heals the cystic and non-cystic pores making skin free from acnes and healthy.

Q.2: How to use Goat milk soap with White Willow Bark?

Use it every day morning and bedtime as a regular face cleanser.

Q.3: How long does it take for Goat milk soap with White Willow Bark to show effects?

On regular application twice a day – it can start benefiting the skin with in a week’s time.

Q.4: What are the benefits of using Goat milk soap with White Willow Bark?

The soap prevents and treats acne pimple, calms the skin- reduce redness and inflammation, improve the skin texture making it even and clear.


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    Rachel Dimngel

    This goat milk charcoal white willow soap is so good after the regualr use of one week it is start benefiting my skin reduces my pimple and redness.

    March 18, 2021
  • Avatar

    Aisha Kulkarni

    Best soap for oily skin.

    March 5, 2021
  • Avatar

    Anupriya Singh

    SNAANA Goat Milk Soap – Charcoal Soap was really amazing… I can see the changes in just 1 week of usage on my face… Very effective

    January 9, 2021

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