Powdered Face Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive Skin


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Cleanses the skin thoroughly making it smooth and radiant. Regular usage lightens the spots/blemishes and de-tans the skin. Best for Dry/sensitive Skin to Normal Skin.


Daru Haridra, Mulethi, Anantmool, Shikakai, Reetha, Essential oils of Palmarosa & Juniper berry.


  • Takes out dirt, sweat, oil completely from skin pores
  • Removes make-up easily
  • Mild abrasive property helps remove build up dead skin cells & Polishes the skin.
  • Facilitates easy absorption of creams & oils in skin pores.
  • Completely fades away marks/blemishes
  • De-tans the skin.



Take a small amount of powdered blend in your palm; wet it with drops of water making it easy to spread consistency. Cleanse your face with it as you would do with liquid face cleansers. The less the water- the more scrubbing the mixture will be. For regular morning evening wash – add more water to make it gentler on skin.  Use everyday twice.

The best is to blend with Hydrosol/Water. For an extra delight – mix the powder with green tea ( Lavender, Chamomile, Curry leaf, Hibiscus, Nettle)   to make a thick paste to use it as a mask. Keep it on face for 5-7 minutes until semi-dry and rinse with normal water.

Although using these powdered cleansers can be messy but you are using a completely chemical & preservative free product on your face. Also since it is free from water/oil/gel/surfactants etc so its lasts longer. Only half a teaspoon is needed at a time for cleansing.


Always ensure to apply mist and cream/face oil on the face after cleansing especially with the powdered cleanser. For healthy vibrant skin it is important to cleanse, tone, moisturize skin twice a day.





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