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 Teenage oily skin cleansing charcoal soap bar made with ayurvedic ingredients that treat acne without any side effects. Every cleanse with Teenage charcoal soap bar removes excess oil and inhibits acne-causing bacterial growth.

  • Best gentle yet effective & healthy cleanser made for oily & acne- pimples skin condition
  • 100% Natural – handmade with traditional technique
  • Made for Teenage oily acne prone skin condition
  • Contain time tested composition of skin vital essential needed in teenage
  • No chemicals & No preservatives at all


Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Goat Milk, Himalayan Pink Salt, Charcoal, Arrowroot Powder, Distilled Water and NaOH*

“*NaOH is Used during the saponification process to turn oil into soap. No chemicals remain in the finished product. All ‘Real Soaps‘ are made with saponified oils only.” Soap is also known as saponified oil. 

 Ingredient Description

Charcoal-  Charcoal made from burnt bamboo removes oils and dirt from skin pores making your skin appear cleaner, non-greasy and blemish-free. Charcoal has a very good absorbing power and therefore works best to remove oil and toxins.

Goat Milk- Goat Milk with its natural high Alpha hydroxy acid content helps remove dead cells which otherwise can block the pores leading to acne.  Apart from being AHA rich, it is very mild and tolerant for sensitive skin.  Goat milk is sourced from goats found in villages located in the Himalayan foothills. These goats produce nutritiously rich milk as they are majorly fed on weeds and natural vegetation on the hillside.

Himalayan Pink Salt – Himalayan pink salt is a rich source of sodium and potassium and with over 80 minerals and trace elements enriches the human body.  Highly effective antifungal, anti-aging, anti-allergy, and muscle relaxant kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, balances oil production, improves hydration and skin pH


Apply the soap on the wet face. Massage it on the skin and rinse it off with cool water. Use it like any other face wash/face cleanser twice a day every morning and evening.

Use it on your body like any other cleansing soap while taking shower. Anyone with acne -pimples on the body areas like back, neck, arms etc should use the soap to shower twice a day to seek relief. 

 Care for the Product

Always keep soap in a well-drained soap tray to last long. Never let your soap sit in a pool of water. It is a REAL soap and does not contain any hardening agent to save it from dissolving while in the water.


Avoid contact with eyes as the soap does not contain any numbing or desensitizing agent to soothe the eyes. The tear free soaps have bad side effects on human eyes. Please read the label to avoid known allergies, if any.

 We provide complete ingredients disclosure on product in common parlance for easy understanding of our customer. We recommend a patch test when using the product for the first time for any unknown allergies.


Take charge of your skin by following the hygiene-related listed points and put a smile back on your face. Many individuals do not really have acne/pimple-prone skin, it is just the chemical-based products like sulfates, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, etc. that clogs the skin pore making the pore environment conducive for bacterial growth.

  • Use a fresh towel each time you wash your face to dab dry the skin.

  • Always use normal to cool temperature water for washing the face.

  • Don’t share make-up. Wash or replace make-up accessories often.

  • Change your pillow cover every day.

  • Do not touch your face often. Ensure that hands are clean before you touch facial skin.

  • Make sure that your hair does not touch your facial skin often. Keep hair open on days you have rinsed them.

  •  For breakouts it is very important to Follow cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and exfoliation as a regular morning-evening routine to get rid of acne, pimples completely.


Q.1: How we can use this charcoal face wash soap?
SNAANA Charcoal face wash soap should be used for cleansing the face twice a day that is every morning and evening. Wet the face and apply soap on face. Massage the lather on face for good 20 seconds. This removes the skin oil and cleans the skin pores thoroughly. The soap is suitable for application on oily and normal to oily skin tone. Also individuals with acne pimple concerns can find relief by using this soap regularly for cleansing.

Q.2: Why choose SNAANA’s charcoal face was soap over liquid base products?

SNAANA Charcoal face wash soap is made with natural ingredients. The making of the soap is an ancient technique which was in use even thousands years back. Each soap bar is handmade and takes more than 2 months to become ready for use. There are no chemicals and preservatives used in the soap making.

Liquid face wash / soaps need chemicals and preservatives to give them the consistency, shelf life etc.

Example of a difference between SNAANA charcoal soap ingredients and other charcoal soap/liquid was ingredients

Khadi herbal activated charcoal face wash (Liquid) Ingredients – Aqua, Charcoal Extract, Lemon Essential Oil, Diazolidinyl urea & IPBC, Honey, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Zinc Oxide, Sugandhit Dravya Q.S.

Similarly Soap bars that have charcoal may carry ingredients like soap base, fragrance, sodium benzoate, Diazolidinyl urea etc.

Do not just get carried away by the front label of the product. Always read the back side of the product for a complete make of the product. If you see only the key ingredients listed on the back label – then it is certain that there is something more in the product that the brand is not comfortable listing on the label.

Q.3: Can we use it for full body bath or just face?

The SNAANA charcoal soap can be used on face as well as full body but should only be used by people having oily or normal to oily skin tone. For remove oily skin acne

Q.4: Can we use it for hair wash?

Yes individuals with oily scalp and hair can easily use it as an hair wash also

Q.5: Is this charcoal face wash soap 100% organic?

This charcoal soap wash is 100% made with ingredients that are 100% natural and the product contains no chemicals and preservatives at all. Each soap bar even in ancient times was made through the process called saponification which we all have read in our science chapter in class 6-7th in our schools. Exactly the same method of making the soap is followed at SNAANA that is:

Oil + NAOH = Soap /Saponified oil / Oil Soap / Real Soap

So at SNAANA we use oils that are purely cold pressed to make the soap. Each oil is made from nuts and seeds at our own handmade manufacturing unit. Oil is made through cold pressing method which is the best ancient technique to make oils. Each of product ingredients is produced in house only to ensure purity. No oils are sourced from outside.

Organic means the product ingredients are completely free from pesticides but we lay mans do not know that organic certifying agencies that issue organic certification has permitted a set of pesticides to be used in even organic farming. Every country has a set of permitted pesticide to be used in organic farming.

All ingredients used at SNAANA are sourced from farmers following certain farming standards to ensure good quality produce.

Q.6: How Snaana charcoal goat milk soap help in oily skin?

Charcoal soap is made with ingredients that work effectively on oily and normal to oily skin. Ingredients like charcoal, Himalayan pink salt, non-comedogenic oils that provide effective cleansing- removing and cleaning skin pores effectively leaving no skin oil at all.

Skin oil is a feed for acne causing bacteria to thrive and hence the SNAANA charcoal soap also called real soap removes the oil while the goat milk in the soap nourishes the skin layer making it super oily skin cleanser.

Q.7: Why snaana uses Himalayan Pink Salt in this soap?

Himalayan pink salt crystals can still be found nutrient rich as compared to sea salt which are subject to high processing. We at SNAANA source our pink salt in the form of rocks from nomads. The salt has nutrients like sulphur, chromium, potassium, magnesium, iron which help in the upkeep of the skin. Each nutrient has a benefit for the skin and these nutrients can easily be absorbed by the skin because of their tiny size. In all Himalayan pink salt reduces oiliness, prevents body odor, treats acne-pimples etc. Also it can reduce the harsh effects of tanning and burns.

Q.8: What are the benefits of charcoal on oily skin?

Charcoal absorbs the oiliness from the skin pores, attracts impurities and therefore is the best natural cleanser. Charcoal logs in ancient times were used to purify the water to remove impurities making it fit for drinking. Charcoal attracts impurities and hence be it skin or stomach or water in a jar- it can purify each of the it.

Q.9: How SNAANA prepare charcoal for their charcoal soap?

At SNAANA we make charcoal from bamboo logs. The burnt logs are then fine powdered and added to the soap. The charcoal that we make is edible and hence is used in tooth cleansing, digestive disorders etc.

Q.10: Does goat milk soap help in reducing acne?

Goat milk helps shed dead skin easily as it contains Alpha hydroxyl acids which invisibly peel the top layer of the skin making skin always look clean and vibrant. No dead skin means no place for bacteria to home hence reduced acne pimples.




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  1. Palak Agarwal

    snaana gives the best solution for oily skin charcoal soap which starts working with in 5 days & the packeging is so good.

  2. Sonam Gowray

    Snaana has amazing range of goat milk soaps thanks for this amazing products which are 100% Pure & Natural.

  3. Reetu bhardwaj

    One of my friend suggested this snaana charcoal soap And I am thankful.. I really liked it

  4. Dheeraj Tiwari Mumbai

    I have been using the anti acne oil which has really helped me a lot. Thank you for a wonderful solution to big ugly problem.

  5. Bhavika Joshi

    The Goat Milk – Charcoal Soap soap is great. Nice it resolved my skin issues. Thank you SNAANA

  6. Arti Pal

    I was facing acne and dark spot issues.. One of my friend suggested this.. And i am thankful.. I really liked it.

    • admin

      Thanks, Ma’am Hope you Like the Product

  7. Neha verma

    Best soap for pimple skin

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