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The aromatic camphor activates the prana, the life giving force in the body and opens up the senses bringing clarity in mind.  Camphor is used in Indian homes in pooja and also in diffusers to purify the air only because it is a highly effective antiviral. The ingredient camphor is found in many traditional & pharma based medicinal and health & wellness products like nasal oil/balm, pain relieving balm, skin care oils & creams etc.      

Camphor available in the market is the form of powder or round/square tablet is often synthetically produced.  Hence it is important to look for a natural source and steam distilled camphor while making a purchase.   

We at SNAANA source the camphor leaves and wood from camphor trees grown in Himalayan foothills. The green leaves and stems produce white-colored camphor in the form of crystal and also the   essential oil. It is a sustainable approach as leaves and stems are only used and not the whole tree/branches are cut and used. 

The making of camphor is a traditional technique of steam distillation which is considered the best and highly therapeutic.

Engery, Effect on Dosha, Taste and Aroma of Camphor

As per Ayurveda the use of camphor will help reduce kapha and vata doshas. Excess usage can aggravate pitta and vata doshas.

The herb is also known as Cinnamomum Camphora (lauraceae or say kapura) and contains heating and moisturizing energy.  It tastes pungent and sour.

Kapur/Camphor has a unique aroma that can be described as strong, sharp, bitter (menthol like) and medicinal.

Benefits of Camphor for the human body

Camphor contains a super effective antibacterial, antifungal & anti-inflammatory property that improves skin, muscles, nervous & respiratory disorders in the human body.

 Benefits for skin & hair

  • Camphor is helpful in treating wounds and relieving skin irritation and itchiness. It has the ability to increase the elastin and collagen production improving the overall appearance of skin. It is therefore used in many skin care products related to aging, acne-pimples, inflammation and rash etc.
  • It can help heal burn wounds and calm the burn caused symptoms like redness, itchiness and inflammation.   
  • The super antifungal property of the camphor makes it a highly effective oil in treating fungal related concerns like toenail fungus, scalp fungus etc.

Camphor relieves congestion and coughing

Camphor is helpful in relieving respiratory concerns like congestion and coughing. It opens up the nasal airways and provides comfort in breathing and sleeping. It works as a decongestant and cough suppressant.

Relieves muscle spasm, cramps and stiffness.

Camphor with antispasmodic and relaxant properties help ease pain, swelling, stiffness and soreness.


Camphor aroma helps calm anxiety & stress and brings in clarity in mind. It helps purify the air and ward off the negativity.

How to use/ Direction to use 

Topical use- Use camphor in massage oils, compress, salves/balms, skin care oils and creams etc.

Camphor edibility (internal use) – Camphor herb is usually not consumed however certain ayurvedic medicine formulation makes use of camphor leaves. Hence always make use of camphor internally only under the guidance of an ayurvedic/medical practitioner.

Diffusion-Inhalation – Add 2-3 drops of camphor oil to the diffuser water and turn on the diffuser.  

Use on Children – Camphor diluted in vegetable oil like mustard, coconut, sesame etc can be used as a rub body to ease congestion related concerns. Use about 1-2 drops of camphor in about 10 drops of vegetable oil to dilute it before usage. Children below the age of 1 year should not be rubbed with camphor products.


Always buy essential oil that can be used internally, topically, and aromatically. Since camphor essential oil is usually not meant for consumption hence always look for natural source and steam distilled camphor oil. Essential oils available in the market labeled ONLY FOR COSMETIC USE are synthetic, not natural. Synthetically prepared oils provide a similar aroma and carry no therapeutic property. Therefore always do a check before buying an essential oil.

Always dilute the oil and use. SNAANA Essential oils are 100% steam distilled and potent.

Care for the product

Keep the product in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. Do not leave the bottle open as essential oils are volatile in nature hence evaporate when exposed to air.


Q1: What are the uses of camphor leaves essential oil?

Camphor leaves essential oil or hydrosol is very effective as aromatherapy. On inhalation it benefits the respiratory system in the body hence it works well to treat and ease a cold and blocked nose. Mosquitoes hate camphor hence it is often used in homes as mosquito repellents. It is highly anti-inflammatory and analgesic hence eases pain in muscles and joints thereby providing relief in arthritis, frozen shoulder, etc.

Q2: How is Camphor leaves essential oil manufactured at SNAANA?

Fresh camphor leaves are steam distilled through the ancient techniques of steam distillation to make camphor essential oil and camphor hydrosol. The process gives complete natural camphor with no addition of any synthetics.

Q3: Is Camphor leaves essential oil effective against viruses?

Yes, camphor is very active against the growth of viruses.

Q4: How to use camphor leaves essential oil?

Always dilute the oil in carrier oil and apply it. Add about 1-2 drops only in a tablespoon oil for application. Highly concentrated camphor oil is bad.

Q5: How can you check if Camphor or camphor oil is pure?

Camphor usually found in the market is in the form of solid-like tablets. Plant-derived camphor produced through steam distillation is an oil and crystal mix that becomes solid when temperature dips and loose liquid-like when the temperature turns warm. What we usually see in the market is a solid non- oily tablet. At SNAANA we make the camphor – oil & crystal produced during distillation.

Q6: Can you use Camphor Essential Oil for hair?

Yes, camphor essential oil is beneficial for hair in many ways. It helps fight dandruff & improve scalp health. Camphor is a time-tested highly effective remedy for head lice. Camphor added to head massage oil strengthens the hair roots and bring in shine & luster.

Q7: Is Camphor Essential Oil anti-viral?

Yes, camphor essential oil is antiviral in nature, It repels virus and exhibits unfavourable conditions for bacterial, fungal, and viral infections to grow. During black death time, camphor water was used as a fumigant to disinfect the places.

Q8: Can camphor essential oil use for babies?

Camphor essential oil can be used on babies to heal and fight respiratory concerns like chest congestion, cold & cough, etc. Always make sure to dilute and use the oil in a carrier oil.



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