Baby Ubtan With Nuts & Seeds


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A perfect cleansing and pampering fine powdered herbs and nuts & seeds mix. Toddlers with their inquisitive eyes watch their moms and look to experiment with everything including ubtans/masks at the earliest.

A traditional recipe, completely free from chemicals and preservatives

All ingredients used in the making of the baby ubtan are fine milled by hand in house.


Powdered Jojoba Seeds, Almond Nuts, Coconut Kernels, Green Lentils, Neem Leaves, Kaempferia, Vacha, Kasthuri Manjal, Coriander and Essential Oils of Lavender & Tea Tree.

Ingredient Description

Jojoba seeds, almond nuts and coconut kernels are meant for nourishing and cleansing the most sensitive skin. Green lentils also called moong dal is packed with antioxidants and help in brightening the skin. Green lentils also contain saponins that provides the natural cleansing.

Powdered herbs like neem, vach, kasthuri manjal and dhaniya are anti bacterial and cool for the skin.

The composition is a unique ancient old ingredients blend very much suitable for the growing up kids skin needs. All ingredients used are edible grade with least processing.


Take 1 table spoon of baby ubtan powder and mix with water to make a running paste. Rub gently and apply all over the body. Rinse with water. Apply after shower oil immediately after shower.

You can add 1 tea spoon of any of these oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil etc. for excessive dry skin conditions.

Do not use the powdered ubtan – cleanser on hair.

Care for the product

The ubtan comes in a glass jar so handle the jar with care. Keep the lid properly closed after use. Do not let water enter the jar.


Please read the ingredients to avoid any known allergies that you may have. Though the product is absolutely free from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you to do a patch test before using it as a regular product.


Q.1: What are the benefits of using Baby Ubtan With Nuts & Seeds?

Baby ubtan is an excellent skin cleansing powder. The rub helps pamper and relax the baby.

Q.2: What ingredients are used in manufacturing Baby Ubtan With Nuts & Seeds?

Ingredients used are powdered Jojoba Seeds, Chamomile Flowers, Oats, Green Lentils, Rose Petals, Marigold Petals, Lavender Essential Oil. All ingredients used are sourced directly from the farmers in the form of nuts, seeds and flower. The ingredients are fine powdered at SNAANA’s own handmade unit to ensure purity. Lavender essential oil is made at SNAANA’s steam distillation unit by lavender buds. All ingredients used in the products are pure and edible.

Q.3: How often should Baby Ubtan With Nuts & Seeds used for best results?

You can use it once a week to pamper, relax and nourish the baby skin. Always use Baby after shower oil immediately after bath on moist skin.

Q.4: Does Baby Ubtan With Nuts & Seeds help with dry skin?

Yes it certainly does help with dry skin but always remember to apply baby after shower oil immediately after the baby is out of the tub. Be it soap or ubtan – application of after shower oil is a must to jeep the baby’s skin healthy and nourished.


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