Hydrosol is a technical name given to traditionally made herb water through the technique of steam distillation. The water produced through this technique is nutrient-rich with water-soluble nutrients found in the plant material like roots, petals, stems, bark, fruit, etc. used in the distillation.

These steam-distilled hydrosols or say herb waters/ark of different herbs make up the best skin toners & mist, medicine, green tea drops, food flavors, and aromatic waters, etc.

At SNAANA we make these herb water in-house through the traditional technique of distillation also known as the deg bhapka method. The produced water is healthy, nutrient-rich, effective, and completely free from chemicals and preservatives.

Make use of these edible herb water/ark in your daily life in cooking, wellness remedies, and skincare and return to natural beautiful healthy you.

Shop for these one bottle multiple-use herb waters and bring holistic wellness to your body and skin. Enjoy the goodness of purity in practice for centuries.


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