Cold-pressed oil is produced by pressing the nuts & seeds (oil crops) between the two heavy wood/metal logs and thereby the oil is released. This traditional technique is labor-intensive; gives a low yield hence makes the oil expensive as compared to refined oils available in the market.

And that’s why we all have been using refined oil for years in our day-to-day life for cooking and other purposes. Skincare or hair care products available in the market too are often made using refined and further treated & graded – Inedible (only for cosmetic use) oils to make the final product competitive in the market.  This led to extensive use of bleached, deodorized, and refined oils in our day-to-day life pushing the healthy expensive cold-pressed oils aside.

However now, there is a strong comeback of cold-pressed oils because they are nutritional-healthy and retain the flavor and taste of the seed.

At SNAANA we make cold-pressed oils in-house through the traditional technique of cold pressing only. The skin, hair, and all other products too are made using cold-pressed oils.

The oils can be used for multiple purposes as EAT & APPLY oil. Eat Healthy & Apply Healthily


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