After shower oils are the best skin moisturizers used traditionally. These oils are making a strong comeback amongst the conscious aware consumers who do not use lotions anymore. Lotions cannot be made without chemicals.

These oils are applied to the skin immediately after the shower similar to the lotions. But since the oils are 100% natural, they provide the body a long last moisturizing effect and relief from dryness.

At SNAANA, the after-shower oils are prepared using different linoleic-rich cold-pressed oils that are light and quick to absorb in nature. The steam distilled essential oils are added to lend additional therapeutic value and aroma to the oil.  This makes the after-shower oils the best skin nourishment completely free from chemicals and preservatives.

A bottle of After shower is far economical and of course HEALTHY than a bottle of lotion. Here’s how?

Lotion = Water + Oil (Read more on the make of lotions, an eye-opener)

After Shower oil = Oil

At SNAANA we make after-shower oil for different age groups from baby to grand ma-pa as the skin needs change with age similar to our body nutritional needs.