What is Pigmentation ?

The natural color of our skin is the natural Pigmentation​ we are born with. The different levels of pigment in the skin results in different skin colors. Higher the pigment, darker is the skin color and lower the pigment, lighter is the skin color. 

Pigmentation hindi meaning – Ranjakata (रंजकता)

The disorder in the pigment production results in hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation skin conditions.

 It is the dark patches of skin caused due to excess production of melanin in the skin. Development of hyper Pigmentation (increased production of melanin) on skin can be rooted to hormonal fluctuation, sun damage, acne scars etc. The hyper pigmentation may occur in small patches or may cover large areas that affect the entire body. 

 It is the less than normal production of pigment (melanin) in the skin that makes the skin appear lighter than normal overall skin tone. The condition can occur due to burns, injuries, genetic and environmental conditions etc. This can happen in any age and anywhere on skin in patches or all over the body. Skin lightening conditions differ in their nature with root cause being different for different individuals.

As soon as the dark patches appear on face we impatiently end up doing multiple things to get rid of them from visiting a dermatologist to looking for every skin care product that claims to vanish them.

So today we bring to you the promising natural ingredients that work best to treat hyper pigmentation