Intense dry Skin and Itching is common as we age especially past the age of 60. This is simply because of inability of oil glands in skin to produce needed sebum for skin to stay nourished and firm. Hence lack of sebum (oil produced by skin) creates dryness that calls for itch and worsens the skin layer. Anything that adds to further dryness like soaps or hot baths can make the problem really worse giving you irritation, sleeplessness etc.

SNAANA Grand Ma-pa handmade Skin care products formulated keeping in view the mature state of skin that wants to fight age spots, fine lines, dryness, weather/pollution etc. The products are handcrafted with pure cold pressed oils, butters and ancient herbs like Gotu Kola,Vinca Rosea, Stinging Nettle that are making a comeback in the modern science of preventing skin aging. Rejuvenating nutrients in SNAANA skin care products will replenish and nourish your skin texture. Vital minerals, vitamins and healthy essential oils in our 100% chemical-free combinations will heal, detox and moisturise your dermal layers. Return to yourself with these skin care variants you can shop for, at this store