Acne, pimples, greasiness, blemishes, enlarged pores; black-heads, white heads-cystic acnes, are concerns usually faced by oily skin type individuals. And as per Ayurveda the body constitution dominated by Pitta dosha faces these symptoms of the skin. And this abnormality of the body producing excess oil by the sebaceous glands could be due to eating oily food in excess, exposure to hot and humid weather, hormonal changes, inadequate diet, stress, using inappropriate skincare products like face wash, toner, serums, creams, moisturisers etc. and excessive use of cosmetics with improper hygiene.

Proper hygiene & Right skin care products are the key to prevent and treat acne pimples on face & body.

And we at SNAANA believe that suppressing the acne pimple skin condition by using chemicals and anti-biotic is a time being fix with side effects. While using the right appropriate time-tested products made with zero chemicals and preservatives can help skin breathe contentedly giving us a clean and clear skin and of course with no bad effects.

The oily skin concerns usually occur and last anywhere between teen to 40’s. And since the needs of our skin change as we age similar to our body nutritional needs so the product formulation needed at teen has to be different from product formulation needed to treat & prevent adult age acne pimple concerns.

So SNAANA brings to you the highly effective and time tested healthy product to balance the surface of the skin and keep the oily skin symptoms aside.

Our Oily skin care products are

100% Natural.
Synthetic Free


100% Pure

Age & skin oriented product

Highly Effective Herbal Formulation

Traditional Technique

Prepared with time tested ingredients

Approved By Drug & Cosmetics

Here is how we make oily skin care products basis the age group

Quality Raw material Source

 Raw material like nuts & seeds and herbs are sourced directly from the farms just to ensure best quality raw material.  A close connect with the farmer is followed from sowing to harvesting, all to produce a quality product.

Best Technique

Traditional techniques are used to make cold pressed oils and steam distilled essential oils. These techniques are time tested and give healthy nutrient rich – highly therapeutic oils and herb waters/ark. We do not find multiple stage processed ingredients suitable for our products.


Right composition with time-tested ingredients

 Right formulation is the key to desired healthy effective product. And at SNAANA we work holistically(different sources including nani-dadi ke nuske & ayurveda texts) to understand different ingredient usage to incorporate them into the formulation in the truly natural way.


Ancient derived recipes

We strictly follow no usage of any 21st century ingredients in our composition. Our recipes are 100% based on time tested ingredients only. Often the natural & ayurvedic products contain majorly the chemicals/synthetics only.


Prepared In-house with utmost quality & purity

From farm to the bottle – all is done under the SNAANA roof just to make sure a pure – no adulteration and a right healthy formulation goes in the bottles & jars for you.


Here is how we are different from other acne pimple or oily skin product makers?

No chemicals or synthetics at all.  The product contains only the ingredients vital for the skin. No base or say fillers etc are used in the product. It is wholesome skin care for the skin.  

Truly an authentic proved formulation – Ingredients used in the product have been in use for centuries to treat various skin disorders including oily skin concerns. No chemicals & synthetics.  

 Made with edible ingredients – Oils, essential oils and herbs used in the products are of edible quality prepared through traditionally used techniques only. We do not believe in cosmetic grade ingredients at all.

One bottle Multiple Use – Our thoughts are deep rooted in our traditions where one bottle of coconut/ mustard oil or say rose water was used for multiple purposes like food, skin care and at times a wellness remedy. SNAANA products are truly the best natural products.

 Glass packaging – Glass helps keep the product healthy and environment safe.

Do’s and Don’ts for the best visible result –

  • Use the product religiously as is mentioned on the product.
  •  Use all the products needed in a proper skin care routine daily every morning and evening to seek the best result. The product applications do not take more than 5 minutes each time a day.
  • Do not use any other product while using SNAANA oily skin care kit.  We are not sure if the other brand product is surely made with non-comedogenic and healthy ingredients.
  •  While choosing the product – we suggest you should go for your age group skin care kit only.   
  • Follow hygiene practices – a must to control the spread of acne causing bacteria.