Acne, pimples, greasiness, blemishes, enlarged pores; black-heads, white heads-cystic are concerns usually face by oily skin tone individuals. And as per Ayurveda the body constitution dominated by Pitta dosha face these symptoms of the skin. And this abnormality of the body producing excess oil by the sebaceous glands could be due to eating oily food in excess, exposure to hot and humid weather, hormonal changes, inadequate diet, stress, using inappropriate skincare products like face wash, toner, serums, creams, moisturisers etc. and excessive use of cosmetics with improper hygiene.

Oily skin only need proper hygiene and right skincare products to prevent acne pimple eruptions on face and body.

And we at SNAANA believe that suppressing the acne pimple skin condition by using chemicals and anti-biotic is a time being fix with side effects while using the right appropriate products made with zero chemicals and preservatives can help skin breathe contentedly giving us a clean and clear skin always, and of course with no bad effects.