Natural Products for Acne : Do you really want to cure your acne/pimples?

Natural Products for Acne : Do you really want to cure your acne/pimples?

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Fed up going to skin doctors, trying various home remedies, switching to various promising acne treating products in the market! And sick and tired of eating a strict No sugar & No Chocolate diet.

Still, these acne pimples do not go off. It Looks they have made the skin pores their permanent home.

And on our visit to the dermatologist – we often find products with steroids, benzoyl peroxide (synthetic – chemical) etc. which cause intense dryness to the skin plus oral medication and both are not suitable to use on the long run.

And hence we are unable to continue the treatment forever; we are back to zero with the same old acne pimple bothering us even more with their rigidity.

Then we must give the last hope to SNAANA anti-acne pimple/ oily skincare products. These products are made with ingredients that are completely non- comedogenic meaning will not clog your pores at all. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients like cold-pressed oils, essential oils, steam distilled water which acts to remove oil and dirt from skin pore, kill acne-causing bacteria effectively with its antibacterial properties, hydrate skin with steam distilled herb water and nourish the skin with oils and butter to provide a clear and even skin tone.

And the best thing is all these products are 100% free from chemicals and even preservatives which is not the case with promising acne-treating products that have long been sold in the market and continue to misguide the consumer.

For example – An anti-acne cream/serum made with tea tree at The Body Shop will have ingredients like PEG-40 capryl glycol, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ammonium Acryloydimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Aqua, Alcohol, 1-Butyl Alcohol Sodium Benzoate etc. in their composition along with tea tree, castor oil etc. So how much effective these chemical ingredients are in treating the acne- pimple is a question as they are added to give the product a consistency, colour, texture, fragrance and not to treat acne – pimples.

We at SNAANA in our research found that the addition of these chemically synthesized ingredients in products (that have role-playing ingredients like tea tree, castor, jojoba) diminishes the effectiveness of the role-playing ingredients and take away the purity of the product hence do not provide result.

The moment we start treating acne pimple as a bacterial infection and start practicing the proper hygiene to make sure it does not spread/infect other areas on the skin and start using the right product to ensure skin pores do not clog at all – our acne pimples are sure to go.

Here is how these Natural Products for Acne can cure your acne?
These five natural products are 100% chemical and preservative-free and you can trust us these products has those ingredients which can remove your acne completely if you follow uses guideline properly which is given below.

Cleanser  Clean the face with oily skin soap made up of oils and essentials for a good 20 seconds. After rinsing, pat dry with a clean face towel. The new fad in the market against the soaps bars created by marketing companies is only to promote their product. Cleanser in the form of liquid, gel or foam is a major synthetic chemical composition to make it cost-effective and look appealing. Apart from acne- pimple treating ingredients – they also do contain chemicals which are not only bad for health but often add to aggravating the acne-pimples. Think – can we ever make foam with just the natural ingredients? Can we preserve the gel beyond a few days- take a cup of fresh gel from aloe vera slice and see it yourself how long it can sustain even when refrigerated? Facial cleaner especially sold in bottles and tubes contain ingredients like sodium Laureth sulphate, butylenes glycol, pentylene glycol, quarternium 7, sodium Laureth sulphate, sodium benzoate, disodium EDTA etc. Always read ingredients before buying any product even if it is a soap bar. If you don’t understand the ingredients or just key ingredients are mentioned – just put the product down.

Powdered Face cleanser – This is a product that should be used in as a mask cum cleanser on the face everyday evening for a deep pore cleansing and gentle scrubbing to get rid of dead skin. Do not ever use any scrub that is gel-based or cream-based. Wet semi-solid scrubbing/polishing products contain chemicals to provide colour, texture, consistency, fragrance, preservatives apart from role-playing ingredients. Therefore fine powdered herbs are best to use as scrub and polishers.

Toner  Toner seems very irrelevant to use but are very important to fill the clean skin pores after a wash. Just a steam distilled water that acts as an anti-bacterial killing the active bacteria in the skin pore. This helps reduce the inflamed, red bumps on the skin and over time reduces the size of skin pores and evens the skin tone. Toners in the market contain ingredients like propylene glycol, imid urea, polysorbate 20, disodium EDTA, Sodium lauryl ether sulphate, various PEG etc. Does a truly natural toner need such ingredients as a part of its composition?

Healer  Normally brands in the market do not have this product, but this is a product that they use in negligible quantities in their cleansers, toners and creams/serums only to lure customer on their name. Negligible adulterated quantities do not show up their results. SNAANA anti-acne essential oil blend helps skin oil glands produce balanced oil, kill acne-causing bacteria and make the skin clean and clear. Whenever you want to buy essential oil – always buy steam distilled essential oil only.

Cream  Well acne- pimple just need nourishing butter and oils that do not create a trap in the skin pore leading to bacterial growth but the moment we hear oil we are wary of it. My dear friends the non-greasy cream that you buy also do have these oils and butter but in minor quantities as water/aqua, emulsifiers, petroleum-derived ingredients, fragrance, colour etc dominate the product composition. Why should we pay for water which is a major ingredient in non-greasy creams in the market? Pure creams last long as you just need a pea size and these creams may melt in summers and freeze in winters as oils and butter have their melting and freezing points similar to pure coconut oil.

SNAANA oily skin cream are a 100% chemical and preservative-free composition only made with cold-pressed oils, butter and essential oils that an oily skin needs.

Precisely this is how you should follow the application of SNAANA products as shown in the picture.

Along with the application of the products every morning and evening – Practice basic hygiene – these small steps make a huge difference and are never told by any dermatologist or any brand. We all know bacterial infections need sound hygiene so we need the same to treat acne-pimple as well.

  • Use a fresh towel each time you wash the face to pat dry.
  • Change pillow covers before going to sleep as their might be some dust particles and last night bacteria on the cover that should not come into contact with your skin.
  • Tie your hair to avoid contact with acne affected skin as when that happens, the chances of acne multiplying gets higher.
  • Do not touch your facial skin often.
  • Do not apply hair oil on the scalp for overnight. Apply an hour before washing making sure oil is out of touch of the facial skin.
  • Treat it as a bacterial infection and practice sound hygiene.

We surely can put an end to your acne-pimples. In case you find any doubts in the application, please feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation. You can contact us through

What is the best treatment for acne?

Using the right product and practising proper hygiene is the best natural treatment for acne & pimples. Right product means products made for your skin tone and age. Do not use multiple brand products simultaneously.

How long does it take for acne to go away?

It takes about 3 months for a complete acne-free skin but you will start finding the results in the very first month only.

How do you clear up acne?

Just follow the cleansing, toning, healing & moisturising every morning and evening with right skincare products and you will find visible results in 10 days of regular application. Continue the same regime for good three months to get back the clear and even skin tone.

Can acne be cured?

Yes, acne –pimple can very much be cured naturally. All that is needed is using the right skincare products made for your age and skin tone and practice the right hygiene. Cleansing –toning – healing –moisturising steps should be followed timely morning and evening to clean, heal & nourish the skin. No oil, no dirt will result in acne-pimple free skin. Changing pillowcase every day, keeping hair and scalp clean and ensuring hair strands do not touch face often will restrict acne-pimple causing bacteria from spreading. When there is no pore conducive for acne-pimple growth – acne pimples will automatically be cured.

What is a good way to get rid of acne?

The only good way and long term solution to get rid of acne is a natural treatment which SNAANA has developed. Products are only effective when they are made for your age and skin tone.

How to get rid of hormonal acne?

Hormonal imbalance in the body causes the acne-pimples to pop up before and during the products. These acnes pop up in the number of 2-3 only but because of improper hygiene practices, they spread to nearby skin pores giving us a feel of multiple acne-pimple eruptions. Therefore we recommend individuals to follow proper hygiene and right age and skin oriented product application.

How to treat acne pimple without antibiotics

The best way to treat is through natural products made at SNAANA as these products are not only free from any medicine but also free from chemicals and preservatives.

What is the best natural treatment for acne?

Using a completely non- comedogenic formulation for cleansing, toning, healing and moisturising the face suiting your age every morning and evening is the best treatment. Make sure products in the name of non- comedogenic does not contain any medicine, steroids, chemicals and preservatives. To verify this you must read ingredients and if you find difficult to pronounce, unfamiliar ingredients – do not use the product.

Do acne/pimple products make skin worse before better.

We have been using chemical-based products for years so adjusting to the natural may take 5-7 days but it rarely happens. When you are religiously using SNAANA oily skincare products only you will not find any such concern at all. We discourage people from using multiple brand products simultaneously.

Does cystic acne ever go?

Yes, Cystic acne’s can go but all that’s needed is a commitment. Commitment to using the SNAANA developed oily skincare regimen twice a day with proper hygiene practices.

Is there a pill that one can be taken for acne

Do not ever take pills for the acne pimple concerns. Though acne pimples are caused because of bacteria thriving in skin pores since the skin is an organ we can heal, nourish by the topical application then why take a pill which will route its treatment from inside to outside. Why consume something that has side effects. Pill as an antibiotic is bad as it not only targets the acne pimple-causing bacteria but kills other good bacteria as well.

Hormonal disorder, improper metabolism, sluggish toxic removing tendency of the body, excessive sweets, excessive junk food intake, imbalance of body constitution –an increase of pitta, a side effect of some medication etc are some of the reasons of the acne.

What is the fastest way to heal an open acne/pimple wound?

Clean with SNAANA oily skin soap and then take a cotton pad and wet it with SNAANA Oily skin mist. Use the wet cotton pad as a poultice on the wound. Keep it for 5 minutes and apply essential oil and cream. Follow this 3 times a day.

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