Sweet Lime Mist For Normal – Oily Skin

490.00 Incl. of all taxes

Rose Water (Mist) For All Skin Types

340.001,432.00 Incl. of all taxes

Marigold Mist Blend for Dry Skin

490.00 Incl. of all taxes

Curry Leaf Mist Blend for Oily Skin

450.00 Incl. of all taxes

Acacia Nilotica Mist Blend for Oily Skin

450.00 Incl. of all taxes

Vetiver Hydrosol – Steam Distilled Water/Ark of Vetiver

445.002,005.00 Incl. of all taxes

Mist & Toners

SNAANA mist and toners are potent, effective and healthy face hydrating elixirs completely free from alcohol, chemicals, chemical based antiseptic ingredients and even preservatives. These different herbs (rose, lavender, chamomile, peppermint etc.) made distilled water-soluble-nutrients rich water act as topical food for skin.

The edible refreshing, aromatic and therapeutic herb face toners and mists improve hydration in skin, make skin look and feel even, calm and healthy, and promote elasticity. SNAANA Mists or face toners are made for different skin conditions like oily skin, dry skin, itchy skin or general skin condition.

Our Mist & Toners are

100% Natural

100% Alcohol Free

100% Chemical free

100% Preservative free

Here is how we the face toners and mist at SNAANA


Quality Herb

Herbs like flowers, roots, stems, bark, leaves are sourced directly from farmers across India. Herbs are cleaned, thereafter used either fresh or semi-dried or dried as per the requirement. A direct link with the farming community helps avoid traders and source healthy & unadulterated herbs.

Traditional Technique

Making of floral/ minty/earthy/citrus therapeutic waters through the clean traditional technique of distillation is the best method producing high quality- nutrient rich herb waters. These herb waters were used for different purposes like food/beverages flavors, beauty rituals, medicine, perfumes/scent etc. Steam distillation is the best technique to make a healthy chemical & preservative free face toner/mist.

Artistic Precision

Running a steam distillation is an art that calls for the right quality herb, right ratio of herb to water, suitable temperature, and apt running time to produce a nutrient rich herb water/hydrosol. A poorly managed and run distillery produced water will not contain a rich-nutrients profile hence will not deliver therapeutic benefits.


The face toner/mist are either the blend of multiple herb waters or a single (ingredient) herb water like Rose face toner, lavender mist etc. Multiple ingredients blend is developed with ense research and testing to suit the desired skin condition.


The natural herb waters are best stored in sterile glass bottles to avoid fungal and bacterial exposure. Since there is no use of preservative, all mist bottles are sterilized and hot oven dried before use. Plastic can leach into the liquid inside the bottle making it unfit for use.

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