Made in India Skincare products

India Skin care products

With the launch and much-continued emphasis on Made in India products by our Honorable PM Narendra Modi, the demand for products made in India by the consumers has grown multifold benefiting the country with employment creation, reduced imports, and of course on the path to self–reliance.

Skincare products are a huge market with a valuation of around INR 129.76 billion in 2020 growing at a compounded 4.8% expected to reach 188.24 billion by 2028. While the natural, ayurvedic and herbal industry is growing at an unprecedented 18% as more people are inclined towards buying healthy and environment-friendly personal care products.

As we all know India is the oldest surviving civilization and beauty has been found to be prevalent in pre-Vedic and Vedic times with reference to a dedicated beautician in the great epic Mahabharata too. Draupadi worked as a beautician ( Sairandhri) in the palace of a kingdom located in the North district of India. The beauticians in ancient times used many substances like lepas, tailams, ghritas in regular (dincharya) as per the different seasons (rutus) or occasionally to decorate.


India, therefore, is home to varied natural preparations that cater to the regular skincare (prevent and cure) and beautify needs for infinite years. The use of natural substances picked from surroundings in skincare and beauty led to knowing the benefits and usage of many ingredients suitable for use in skincare. This is simply because India is a huge land with diverse vegetation. This created the bank of herbs suitable for skincare now widely reaching to other parts of the world and to the young Indian generation as a new unique ingredient. Indian home beauty practice ingredients are making a strong comeback as promising skincare products in bottles and jars. However, they (sold in bottles and jars now) may not be absolutely pure containing chemicals and preservatives. So always do verify the product with proper checks before buying.

Fact – India is a bank of herbs suitable for skincare now widely reaching to other parts of the world and to the young Indian generation as a new unique ingredient.

The new beauty norms like waterless beauty now coming up from different parts of the world are not new to India, rather we Indians have been practicing healthy environment-friendly holistic living past many generations. By the way, waterless isn’t about using no water in your skin routine like face wash or body bath but it’s about no water or little water in the skincare product. Skincare brands with aqua or water as the first ingredient in their product have exploited people charging exorbitantly high prices for skin products that majorly contain water – the readily available, inexpensive ingredient. Explore more about waterless beauty here.


Fact – Waterless beauty is an ancient practiced concept making a strong comeback. 

India is one nation that pioneers in giving truly natural skincare concepts to the world. And if a product is natural, it will automatically be friendly to plants, animals, aquatic /marine life, air, water and of course humans. The everyday newly coined terms are ways to market different chemical-based products in different market segments. 100% chemical-free skincare is a reality, here’s how?

SNAANA skin care products are truly 100% MADE IN INDIA

SNAANA skin care products are made with ingredients and techniques in practice in India for thousands of years. The ingredients used in the product are cultivated by Indian farmers like jojoba seeds, sunflower seeds, almond kernels, apricot kernels, hemp seed, turmeric, black cumin, liquorice, anantmool, lavender, rose etc. Thereafter the seeds or herbs are cold-pressed, steam distilled or fine powdered using our traditional techniques to retain aroma, nutrient and colour in the ingredients.

SNAANA does not believe in importing ingredients for the product from any other country when Indian farmers can grow seeds or herbs like rosehip, jojoba, hemp seed, lavender, rosemary etc.  

Here’s how you can know more about the strong connection SNAANA has built with farmers across the country and how the oils, essential oils, herb waters like rosewater and herb powders are prepared to ensure purity of ingredients in the product.

SNAANA strongly believes that pure ingredients and apt composition is the need to deliver a healthy and effective product to the consumer. And the brand owners leave no stone unturned to fulfill the vision.


And this vision, purity and belongingness to India (MADE IN INDIA) is making the brand grow big time with the most effective medium word of mouth. You can find never seen before products like edible rose water, waterless cream, edible essential oils, and products made for your age & your skin type. Shop with ease for all your family members’ skin, health and wellness needs under one cart and bring the tradition, health and purity back to you.

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