Herb waters/Ark

Herb waters/Ark or say hydrosols are steam distilled water prepared through the traditional technique of deg-bhapka method suitable for consumption, application, and inhalation.

These hydrosol (derive their name from HYDRO/Water + SOL/Solution) are rich with water-soluble nutrients making them highly therapeutic – healthy & effective to use in our day to day life for multipurpose like skin toner, food flavor, Tea drops, medicine/supplement, aromatherapy or say wet the wipe.

At SNAANA we believe in one bottle multiple-use concept similar to what was practiced in earlier times. A bottle of rose water/khus water at home served multiple purposes from being a skin toner, food flavoring- sweet savories and beverages to a room freshener. Although nowadays the competitive – the profit-driven market is flourished with products based on their usage like Rosewater for skin use, often inedible compromising with purity to make it cost-effective hence labeled as “meant for external use only “ or say “For cosmetic use only “.

Making the different herb water/Ark through the ancient technique of steam distillation is a purely natural method completely free from chemicals & preservatives similar to our Earth’s rain process. Hence the prepared water can be stored for more than a year without the use of preservatives.

Our herb water/Ark are

100% Natural. Synthetic Free

No Added Colour

No Added Fragrance Or Perfume

Approved By Drug & Cosmetics

Our herb water/ark can be used for multiple purposes - This makes us totally different - healthy & effective.


A bottle of hydrosol/Herb water can be used for different purposes at home like cooking, skin care, diffuser, medicine, tea drops etc. Using a hydrosol prepared with steam distillation is a way to go chemical and preservative free in our day to day life.

Here is how we make different Herb waters/Ark

Sourcing of fresh herbs

The herbs in the form of roots, leaves, bark, stem, flower/petals, fruit/peel etc. are sourced directly from the different farms from different regions across India wherever they are grown. Please visit the product page of each herb water to know more.

Making Technique

The herb is steam distilled through the traditional method of distillation also known as Deg-Bhapka method to make nutrient rich – highly effective and aromatic & flavorful water. The water derives its nutrients & aroma from the herb only.If the herb is edible, the water prepared from it too is edible.

Earth’s Natural Rain Process

The steam distillation technique is like our earth’s natural rain cycle where evaporation – condensation- droplets of water takes place. Any contamination/debris is left behind and the evaporated water when condensed- turned into droplets of water is a pure distilled water that easily stays without the use of preservatives for more than a year when stored properly.

Why are Hydrosols important in your skin care routine?

Hydrosols are nutrient rich highly therapeutic water and when incorporated in a skin care routine provides skin surface the needed nutrients & hydration. It helps in better absorption of face oil/cream which keeps skin soft, smooth & hydrated for the whole day. A skin care routine is incomplete without a hydrosol, a need usually felt by those who use hydrosols in their daily life.

What does ONE Bottle Multiple Use means?

A bottle of herb water/ark can be used for different purposes like skin toner, food flavour, tea drops, medicine/supplement, diffuser – aromatherapy etc. This concept of one bottle multiple use was in practice in traditional times before the industrial revolution took place making different products based on their usage like edible/non-edible, cosmetic grade, food grade etc.

Where are pure organic rose, orange lavender hydrosols available?

Finding pure organic hydrosols is a challenge in today’s world that is full of deceiving products, especially for a layman. In India, SNAANA is a brand that uses the ancient technique of steam distillation to produce the hydrosols. The hydrosols that SNAANA make can be used not only for skincare use but for multiple use like adding to your food recipes, diffuser, supplement, immunity booster etc. SNAANA makes more than 40 different hydrosols. The brand strongly believes that if the herb is edible then the hydrosol of that very herb should be edible too.

Why are Hydrosols not so popular yet great Remedies for many health problems?

The advancement in hydrosols have been lacking in this century past few decades due to more firm belief in allopathic medicine. This ignorance has led to no legal definition of hydrosol and its application/usage related information. The hydrosols have great therapeutic efficiency which has flown as a piece of information from generation to generation. But think about it, if we can take a teaspoon of carom or peppermint from the kitchen to overcome indigestion, then why a teaspoon of carom or peppermint can’t be consumed to reap the same benefit. After all hydrosols are steam distilled water of the herbs.

What are the benefits of eucalyptus Hydrosol?

Eucalyptus hydrosol is highly beneficial for application and inhalation. Eucalyptus is super effective during respiratory concerns like cough, blocked nose, sinusitis etc. It acts as a decongestant that helps breathe easily and improve the overall wellbeing, reducing the stress and tiredness. The water can be run in a diffuser to reap the benefit. The hydrosol of eucalyptus is a skin tonic that benefits oily skin condition like acne- pimples. Mosquitoes are repellent to eucalyptus. It is also used as mouth rinse – oral care.

Why do people not know about Hydrosol or ark in India?

The lack of focus on plant derived – ancient techniques have led to people not aware of hydrosols. Though in the last decade there is growing desire for natural products, hence hydrosols are making a comeback. Hydrosols are one of the best, pure and efficient sources to act as medicine, health & wellness drink, food flavoring agent, skin care ingredient and much more.

Do Hydrosol Contain Water? Do they need a preservative?

Hydrosols are steam distilled water that contains the used plant- herb water soluble nutrients in it. Hydro means water & sol means solution, hence hydrosol means a water solution. In other words hydrosols are in the form of water containing the whole plant hydrophilic & lipophilic nutrients.