Rising hair concerns owing to increased stress, poor lifestyle and chemical-based products call for going back to ancient recipes to find a solution for cleansing, healing and keeping the scalp and hair strands healthy and disease-free.

Healthy and beautiful hair is a natural accessory that we all want to wear every day and all through our life. And why not be?

And therefore SNAANA brings to you the hair products with time tested recipes derived from ancient times to revive your hair health.

All product ingredients are prepared in-house to ensure a pure and effective product.

100% Natural. Synthetic Free

No Added Colour

No Added Fragrance Or Perfume

Approved By Drug & Cosmetics

Here is how we make Hair care products

 Essential oils

 Essential oils added to the hair products are steam distilled from herbs (petals, leaves, roots, stems, resins etc.) in SNAANA’s own steam distillation unit. This makes the product highly therapeutic and healthy.


 Cold pressed oils

Oils used in hair products are cold pressed from different nuts & seeds in SNAANA’s  own cold pressing unit to ensure quality & purity. The different nuts & seeds are directly sourced from the farmers.


Infused oils

Different herbs are infused in oil in the traditional way to lend the nutrient to the oil. Right temperature controlled – indirect heat infusion helps retain the nutrient making highly nutrient rich oil.


Right composition with time tested ingredients

Right ingredient composition with quality ingredients and right making technique is very crucial for a product to work effectively. At SNAANA each product is formulated with utmost care & procedure to ensure a healthy helpful product.


How are we different from other hair product makers?

  •   Use in-house prepared ingredients like cold pressed oils & essential oil in the product; hence this ensures purity in product.
  •   Deep rooted connect with the farming community for quality raw material sourcing.
  •  Traditional technique & traditionally used ingredients help make the product safe and effective.
  • 100% chemical/synthetic and preservative free. We make no use of any synthetic or preservative in our products. Authentic time tested products.