Gotu Kola – A wonder herb used in SNAANA products

What is Gotu Kola?

Gotu Kola, an Indian pennywort or more famously known as ( botanical name) Centella Asiatica is a plant that is making a huge comeback in the Indian skin care market for its miraculous powers. Gotu Kola with numerous health benefits, is also regarded as a spiritual herb and is grown in the Himalayas to improve meditation powers by yogis. Being regarded as one of the most rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicines, Gotu Kola benefits is now being used in modern science for its anti-ageing qualities. With special powers to fortify your immune system and cleanse it, this plant is used to purify blood and amounts for a good and healthy skin. Being rich in amino acids, the extracts of Gotu Kola are calming agents for inflammation, wound healing and stimulating the growth of new cells; making it an extremely resourceful herb in the skincare industry. 

Gotu kola in hindi is commonly known as Gut kala

A potent herb – Gotu Kola medicinal uses   

  • The herb has a very positive effect on the circulatory system and improves on the blood flow as it strengthens the veins and capillaries. 
  • Used as a soothing agent to minimize scarring by working on varicose veins. So if you get wounded, reduce the scar by using Gotu Kola. 
  • In Chinese medicinal world, Gotu Kola is listed as a ‘miracle elixirs of life’ 
  • The Anti-ageing benefits of Gotu Kola come from the fact that it is a skin rejuvenator and enhances skin renewal; at the same time boosts skin hydration. 

Gotu Kola: SNAANA’s Key Ingredient 

SNAANA being a 100% natural and organic product brand, uses Gotu Kola as one of our key ingredients in our Grand Ma-Pa product range. We understand that every person at a specific age requires a different kind of skincare, so we use the key ingredients according to the needs of your skin. Grand Ma-Pa range is developed as a care for the mature skin with healthy and hydrating herbs. The use of Gotu Kola in all our Grand Ma-Pa products ranging from soap, to body butter, face cream and face oil makes them unique blends that protect your skin from dryness and environmental irritants. 


Gotu Kola mixed with vital minerals and vitamins along with healthy essential oils make all these SNAANA products 100% synthetic-free that heal, detox and moisturize your skin. Used as a cold pressed oil in our products, Gotu Kola fights the ageing concerns. As we have always propagated the use of 100% organic and natural products, Gotu Kola is used without any preservatives or processing and is an ancient remedy for all the ageing concerns. 

So, if you’re on a lookout for a skincare product with amazing powers of Gotu Kola, go for SNAANA products and experience the brilliance of this ancient magic herb in its fully natural and organic form.

Uses, benefits of Gotu Kola Oil

Gotu kola oil is helpful in repairing the damaged skin. As per research, gotu kola has been found to be helpful in healing wounds and burns. It helps minimize the scars and spots.

It is very good to use for dry and intense dry skin conditions. People with oily acne prone skin should avoid its application as it can lead to break out.

Use it like a face oil after face cleanse. It will keep the skin hydrated and moisturized keeping away the concerns of dryness other associated symptoms.

You can use it as body oil immediately after bath in place of regular moisturizer. It will provide a long-lasting moisturisation with soft and healthy skin.

In case you don’t like the mild nutty smell, you can add a few drops of edible essential oils to it like turmeric, vetiver, lavender etc. to add aroma and make it a more powerful skin elixir.

 Making of gotu kola oil at SNAANA 

At SNAANA we use the traditional cold-pressing technique to make the oil from the seeds.


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