Goat Milk Soap

Use goat milk soap to cleanse & exfoliate your skin gently with all-natural SNAANA Real Goat Milk Soap. The organically made natural soaps are rich with goat milk, plant oils & essential oils.

SNAANA strongly believes that our skin cleansing & moisturizing needs change with age similar to our body nutritional needs. Hence Real age & skin tone oriented  soap is produced to suit the different age skin needs. SNAANA’s soap is a healthy cleanser with natural nutrients that exfoliates the skin invisibly and maintains a healthy skin microbiome.

Our Goat Milk Soaps are

100% Natural. Synthetic Free

No Added Colour

No Added Fragrance Or Perfume

Approved By Drug & Cosmetics

Here is how we make Real Goat Milk Soap at SNAANA​

Cold-Pressed Oils & Butters

Oils and Butters (Fat) lukewarm in temperature are added to the vessel in the desired proportion for goat milk soap. Each soap recipe calls for the addition of different oils & butter in different proportions keeping in mind the age & skin tone.


Lye/NaOH also called sodium hydroxide is added to the oils/butter to saponify the oil. Lye & water temperature is cooled down to around 100° F /38° C before adding it to the oil vessel.   A bar of real soap (Goat Milk Soap) is a saponified oil only. It’s a traditional technique of making cold-pressed soap.

Raw Himalayan Goats Milk & Herbs

Other ingredients used in the manufacture of Goat Milk Soap are paste/powdered herbs-exfoliators, essential oils, milk, etc. are added to the vessel. The batter is blended to make it smooth and thick before it is poured into the thin pipes. It is made sure that the batter temperature does not rise beyond 105° F /40° C in the vessel.

Right Temperature

The temperature is maintained anywhere between 98° F to 105° F /36° C to 40° C approximately. An increase in temperature may lead to the loss of nutrients of heat-sensitive oils and herbs. This helps retain natural glycerin which is more than 30% in cold process soap. The goat milk soap bars naturally turn hard on its own over time as water evaporates.

Innovative Design

The batter is shifted to square thin pipes to ensure quick cooling which otherwise can rise internal temperature similar to volcano activity creating a nutrient loss. The more quickly the soap is cooled down, the better the soap turns out. Hence we keep our goat milk soap in a temperature-controlled room (below 20°C) to ensure making a real cold press soap.

Time & Labour Intensive

The goat milk soaps in the form of a log are pushed out of pipes after 4-7 days( varies from soap to soap) and cut into bars as per the decided weight in grams. In the entire process, A thorough checklist is followed to ensure the best quality soap is produced.

Nutrient-Rich Soap Bars

The cut soap bars are stamped and left to dry and turn hard over 5-7 weeks in a cold room. Post this the soaps are wrapped in butter paper & packed in wooden Sheesham boxes.

We make soap to benefit the skin and not to appeal to you with perfume, color, etc.

How we are different from other cold press soap makers

  • Use cold-pressed oils and steam distilled essential oils made by us, hence this ensures purity of ingredients in the soap.
  • Use special innovative design vessels and batter drying pipes to produce an effective nutrient-rich soap bar.
  • Do not use any synthetics like –Fragrance/perfume, color, soap noodle, soap base, hardening & chelating agents, surfactants, etc.


1. What is Goat Milk Soap?

Goat milk Soap is a soap that uses goat milk as its main ingredient. It is highly beneficial for the skin because of its unique natural composition. Goat milk contains vital nutrients like Vitamin A, C & D, magnesium, potassium, and also healthy fat which minimizes skin concerns and keeps it healthy.

2. What are the benefits of using Goat Milk Soap?

Using Goat milk Soap is very beneficial for the skin as when it comes in contact with the skin surface – it shrinks the skin pores by dissolving the sebum in the pore and this further helps in making the skin even. The healthy fat with essential nutrients helps remove the dead skin that a person beyond an age is unable to shed at a pace needed bringing back the needed glow. Since it works on the surface and in the skin pores – it works on common skin conditions like pigmentation, age spots, scars, and melasma, etc.

3. Why Snaana uses only goat milk and not cow milk or milk from brands like Amul or Mother Dairy etc.?

Goat milk is loaded with nutrients that our skin needs as compared to cow milk. For example skin, essential vitamins like A, C & D are found in good percentage in goat milk while not in cow milk. And Goat milk is strong in flavor and thick because of the presence of healthy fats which helps moisturize the skin while performing the function to shed the dead skin invisibly making it even and smooth. SNAANA simply does not believe in chemicals and preservatives at all and using milk sourced from grocery shops can defeat the SNAANA’s founding principle of being 100% chemical & preservative free therefore At SNAANA each ingredient of a product is sourced with full care and directly from the producer. So here in the case of Goat’s milk- Milk is sourced from people in villages who keep goats at home. Since goats do not have a set time to give milk so this helps to ensure quality as our own person milks the goat or stands just right next to the person milking the goat.

4. What’s the difference between SNAANA’s Goat Milk Soaps and commonly available bathing soaps?

Apart from artificial colors, scents or perfumes, commonly available bathing soaps are made up with chemical compounds like surfactants or surface-active agents. They act as cleansing agents by reducing the surficial tension between – water & dirt. They also have preservatives to increase the shelf-life and hardening agents to make the soap hard and less dissolvable. They harm the user in long-run as they have stearic acid/sodium stearate to provide hardness and ensure that the soap does not dissolve in water easily. SNAANA soaps do not have any chemical surfactants, it is important to store them in a cool & dry.


5. What is the process of manufacturing SNAANA’s goat milk soap and how it’s different from other brands?

A soap bar at SNAANA takes about 2 months to become ready for use. Cold pressed oils and butter with raw goat milk are blend together with lye to make a soap batter. Here in the process the oils/butter and goat milk are not boiled only to retain the nutrient value of the ingredients. The batter is left in moulds to set for 2 weeks and post that unmolded bars are left to dry and become hardly naturally over the next 4-5 weeks. This making of soap is called cold-pressed soap making and this has been in use for centuries unknown. This method is labor-intensive and time-consuming and therefore manufacturers do not want to make these kinds of soaps. But real soaps truly natural and effective can only be made with this way.

6. What is the shelf life of your goat milk soap?

A real soap/SNAANA soap once ready to use is perfect to use for good 12-15 months. Although the soap do not go bad after a year and a half, only the essential oils effectiveness reduces as these herb distilled oils are highly volatile in nature and evaporate over the time. The soap is good to use with just no concerns at all.

7. What are the main reason to choose SNAANA’s goat milk soap over others?

Chemical-free, Preservative free, No Added colour, No added fragrance, No surfactants, No animal fat – No plastic packaging, Familiar ingredients mentioned in common parlance, Raw ingredients used to make the soap, Ancient technique, No processing of ingredients. Easy to choose the soap bar – Age and skin tone.

8. Do SNAANA’s charge any shipping to deliver goat milk soap?

There is no shipping on paid orders of goat milk soaps however COD orders have to pay Rs. 177 as a shipping charge.

9. How long does it take to be delivered SNAANA’s goat milk soap?

It usually takes about 5-7 working days to deliver the parcel.

10. How can I order goat milk soap from SNAANA?

Order online at www.snaana.com or call us at 8535076411 anytime between 9:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m.- except Sundays and holidays to place an order over the phone.