What Is Fennel – Benefits, Nutrition, Uses and Recipes


The age-old secrets of health can be found in the simplest of ingredients in our kitchens. We just need to unveil them. Fennel benefits it is used in traditional rituals and celebrations as a symbol of nature. In Ayurveda, Fennel Seeds are considered very beneficial. It is used to increase stamina and promote longevity. Fennel seeds are extensively used in Indian recipes. It is an effective aid of digestion, treating bloating, gas, or cramps and also acts as a diuretic. In foods and beverages, Fennel Oil and Fennel Seeds are used as Flavouring agents.

What is Fennel?

Fennel is an aromatic and flavourful herb that has many health uses. If you do not have it in your kitchen cupboard, you’ll want to put it on your grocery list and make it a household staple after knowing its health benefits. It is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, manganese, iron, and fiber. It is also rich in phytonutrients and has a high concentration of volatile oils. in addition to its popular use as a breath freshener, it helps relieve a number of ailments and facilitates better health due to its

Fennel or Saunf as it is commonly known, is used for cooking and also comes with various medicinal attributes. There are many benefits of fennel seeds although you can consume the bulb as well. The plants are usually white and green while the flowers are yellow. Fennel has a long history of usage in India.

Properties of Fennel

Owing to the presence of a range of phytochemical and nutrients, fennel may show the following properties.

  • It may be a plant based source of essential minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorus.
  • It may act as an antioxidant.
  • It may reduce cancer causing concerns.
  • It may show blood sugar lowering properties.
  • It may show antitumor properties.

Use of Fennel

  • Fennel seeds are most probably in seed from, but many times are grounded to become a powder and are used in spice mixes.
  • Fennel seeds are used widely as a mouth freshener in India after consumption of the meal.
  • Fennel seeds are useful for tadka or tempering in pickles, chutneys and dishes.
  • Fennel seeds are also boiled and steeped in water and given to children as colic-reliever.
  • Fennel seeds are added to bread, soups, curries, desserts and salads to enhance their flavour.

 Health Benefits of Fennel


Fennel contains potent antioxidants and phytonutrients that make them a highly nutritious source with many benefits, which are as follows:

  • Antioxidant- in fennel seeds prevent ageing and holds down the redundant radicals from the body. And also prevent diseases that get critical in later stages.
  • Blood pressure- study found that chewing fennel seeds help keep blood pressure in check. The seeds are a rich source of potassium, which helps control blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Weight loss- fennel seeds if consumed regularly aides’ weight loss by improving metabolism. Adding fennel seeds as a part of your daily diet will work wonders in losing weight.
  • Cholesterol- the presence of fibres in fennel seeds decrease cholesterol and prevent heart diseases.
  • Digestive health- the essential oils in seeds secrete digestive juices and enzymes that ease and improve the digestive process it helps reduce bloating, heartburn, etc.
  • Good for memory-as per research, fennel seeds possess multiple neuropharmacological activities. Therefore, nutritionists recommend children eat fennel seeds as it is work to enhance memory and intelligence.

Great for skin

Regular consumption of fennel seeds provides minerals such as selenium, calcium, and zinc. These minerals are crucial for balancing hormones while maintaining the oxygen balance in your bloodstream. In addition, these minerals impart a cooling and soothing effect on the skin, providing it with a healthy glow.

Fennel seeds also offer various ayurvedic properties that help treat skin ailments like rashes and dryness. In addition, applying fennel paste is highly beneficial for the skin as the minerals above are absorbed by the skin and keep it moist, clean, and healthy.

Studies also show that fennel seeds have anti-ageing properties. Fennel seed water is a part of many skin-care routines. It cleanses clogged pores due to dirt, germs, dead skin cells, grime etc. Fennel water cures acne and pimples too owing to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Good for Hair

  • Strengthen your roots- the antioxidants and nutrients present in fennel seeds strengthen the roots of your hair and give your follicles some life.
  • Hydrate your scalp- Dry and itchy scalp is a pain. It’s time you let fennel seeds hydration power ease hair itch. They maintain the pH balance of your scalp along with giving your scalp.

Where to find Fennel Bulb Water & oil


SNAANA’ Fennel bulb water & oil is prepared through the traditional technique of steam distillation which results in potent-therapeutic water quick & convenient to consume & carry.

This steam distilled fennel bulb water is 100% chemical & preservatives free.

Making of Fennel- Ark at SNAANA

It takes a handful of fennel bulbs to produce a few drops of its water. Purely an ancient technique called steam distillation is practised to ensure zero chemicals and zero preservatives usage. Pure steam distilled water is best preferred to eat and apply for the desired benefits.

Side Effects of Fennel

Fennels are safe when consumed moderately. However, there are still some risks that you should be aware of.

  • Fennels come with estrogenic attributes. It may not be suitable for pregnant women.
  • It may also hinder the growth and development of the fetus owing to its estrogenic nature.
  • Fennel seeds may also react with specific types of medication.

Hence, you should always consult your doctor before choosing any fennel seed powder, extract, or supplement.


Please do not use the product if you are allergic to Fennel. Though the product is absolutely free-from chemicals and preservatives, we suggest you do a patch/intake test before using it as a regular product.

Can we drink fennel water daily?

Yes, drinking fennel water every day is beneficial if consumed rationally.

What are the benefits of drinking fennel water?

Drinking fennel water every day can improve digestion, and relieve stomach pain. In addition, it treats bloating constipation and indigestion, improves metabolism, aids in regular bowel movements, aids weight loss, improves eyesight, regular appetite, and water retention purifies the blood and helps in providing sound sleep.

What are the disadvantages of eating fennel seeds?

Fennel seeds have many benefits, but you need to be very careful while consuming the fennel seeds because it has disadvantages too. For example, worsen kidney disorders, slow down the clotting process, cause allergies and much more.

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