How does essential oil benefits the body?

How does essential oil benefits the body?

The multiple benefits of essential oils are making their use extensive in homes, spas, aromatherapy centre,s and various health & wellness clinics. The essential oil benefits & Uses are not new rather this prana (life force) of plants acted as antibiotics/medicine for humans in earlier times.

Anything that we eat, drink, smell or apply makes an impact on the body. So apart from food, be it a perfume or face cream or essential oil, everything reaches the bloodstream through inhalation and application too.

The primary way of food intake and faeces/urine elimination is not the only route for the body to function & interact. The epithelial tissues which are all over and inside the body perform multiple functions like sense, protect, secrete, excrete, absorb, filter etc.

These tissues are found in skin, nasal passages, lungs, sinuses, bronchioles, and gastrointestinal tract etc. Hence anything that we apply on the surface of the skin and all that we inhale certainly makes way to the bloodstream.

The essential oils enter the body through eat, apply and inhale mode.

1. Eat with the food (Essential oil benefits)–

Essential oils can be used in the kitchen not only to add flavor to food/drinks but also to add nutrition. Essential oil reaches the digestive tract with the food thereafter small intestine to the bloodstream. The essential oils provide many benefits to the body.  Learn how to cook with essential oils at SNAANA

2. Apply on the skin surface –

Essential oils are the natural plant gift to us to nourish, cleanse, detoxify, tone, improve circulation, calm and support all skin functioning. These essential oils are absorbed into the capillaries and make way to the bloodstream becoming part of the person.

Using the right essential oil that suits your body/skin and the right application helps keep the skin microbiome balanced making way to healthy and disease-free skin.  Often the concerns like acne pimples, fungal infections, eczema/psoriasis, rashes and inflammation; hair loss etc. can be controlled using the best quality – highly therapeutic essential oils.   

  Refer the image and see how essential oils make contact with our epithelial- primary tissue through different modes and make way to our body.

3. Essential oil Benefits in Inhale through olfactory –

When the essential oil is inhaled, the olfactory mucus membrane receptors identify the smell and send it to the oldest area of the brain that deals with emotional and psychological feel, called the limbic system.

That’s when the aroma is known, compared and associated with maybe old memories and provide emotional and physical reaction. This can help relax or stimulate depending upon the used essential oil’s qualities that lead to secreting hormones and regulating body functions.

In other words, inhalation can cause changes in the body within seconds from uplifting the mood to initiating the digestive system into action.

For example, inhaling a blend of ginger, sweet lime and peppermint can calm the nausea while on a trip or during pregnancy.

That’s why the synthetically formulated – perfumed/fragranced skincare products are a concern that may disrupt the normal body functioning causing major health issues. 

THINK – We apply skin care with the belief that whatever is applied stays on the outer skin never making way beneath it. But we apply the healing balms/ointment on the same outer skin to relax and heal the inflamed and aching tissues/muscles and joints that are inside the skin.

Since all that we eat, inhale and apply makes a strong contact with our body so it is very important to know the ingredients of the product that we apply.

Products that we apply on skin are loosely regulated hence many chemicals/synthetics have made way to skin care and beautifying products causing significant unknown harm to the bodies.

So the best way to go for healthy skin care is to go by brands that make products with edible ingredients and ready to show you the making behind the bottles and the jars. Transparency in ingredients and making techniques is the much needed new norm of the skin care industry. 

While buying the product for skin care or aromatherapy (diffuser) or edible – always look for product that is

essential oil benefits

1- Chemical & preservative free

2- Free from Fragrance/perfume

3-Free from colour means not even food colour

4- Least processed – traditional ingredients & traditional make

5- Original consistency & texture similar to ingredients, no physical or chemical alteration of the ingredients and the final product

6- Not packed in plastic bottles and jars

Here we bring to you the top 3 essential oil for beginners, for all those want to start using essential oil in regular for various purposes like skincare, aroma diffuser, flavour to beverages/food, treat cuts & wounds, aromatic oil, balance the mood etc. These essentials oils serve multiple purposes and benefit the human body. For the oil to work healthy & effective for you, always buy good quality pure essential oil only.

  1. Kashmiri Lavender essential oil
  2. Blue Chamomile essential oil
  3. Rosemary essential oil

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