Dry skin occurs when the body produces low levels of sebum and its inability to retain moisture. Perpetual dry, Itchy, Flaky, rough skin is the result of harsh chemical ingredients in body care products, sun damage, extreme weather conditions, irregular and improper basic skin care regime.

If you are using creams all day long to keep your skin supple/hydrated but your skin reverts back to dry, dull & rough tone, you are not using the right skin care for product for you. It is very challenging to figure the right skin tone product with in one’s age group to provide needed care and nourishment required for the skin.

With SNAANA Dry skin Care products; you stand a chance to alleviate dryness and RETURN TO YOUR SELF. The products are uniquely formulated with Oils & Butters that are Oleic rich that easily are absorbed by thirsty skin and don’t even clog the pores.